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Our Pride

One more birthday to my dear Geethu,

What a great privilege to be your sister

Dearest to me as so rare a gift you are

Wish to parcel a piece of my heart to greet you

Though Wishes can only be imparted in words

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Stay and fight

life race
The sun lightens the Globe

Granting us new days to live afresh

All in the ground all set to start the race

For a change I left the track to watch around

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The Best at last

death at last
Failures were not few

But were in rows


Idle never I sat

Though dullness drained me off

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The vanishing Grandmas

My grandma
The night was calm and cool, perfect for a sound sleep .But my son was disturbed and complaining, “not feeling sleepy”. I was so tired after the day’s work, so patted him and once again doomed into deep sleep.

As if in dream, I could hear someone weeping. That brought me back to senses. My son was standing near the window and crying. I rushed to him to find, what went wrong. He was staring at the stars and tears flooding down his cheeks.

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Ray of hope

The door to freedom opened at last

The door to the world where he belongs

Behind the bars counting even seconds

 As Death at any time could grab and strangle

Three and half decades dragging and dreadful

Never had he thought he will be back home

 While Neighbour country stamped him a spy

His own country left him to destiny

Half of his life wasted in darkness

Till he alighted, at this promising rebirth

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After the day’s routine hubbub

I squeezed some time for a stroll

Roamed through the empty street

To reach the silent meadow

Stretched on the grassy carpet

Eyes set at the dark sky

With stars blinking here and there

Mild wind stirring the leaves

My mind so wild urging for release

With closed eyes I let loose my thoughts

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Go for it

Life is not always a tale of sobs and sorrows

Many jubilant moments render it glorious

As the twinkling stars illuminate the dark sky

Or the pouring sky sweep away the hellish heat.

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You too Nature?

I was lost in my world of reflections

It was nothing but my own repressions


Why possessed by an indefinable mental agony

May be the obsession of an impending melancholy

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Home, my sweet home!

we all
Now sitting alone in the office canteen

I let my thoughts to grab the years bygone


Could hear my mother’s loving call

Rushed inside to find her serving the food

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The Day to cherish!

koushik & goutham
It was a pleasant starry summer night

He cried his way into this world

Though tired I stretched a bit to see his face

And smiled to hide my tears of joy.

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