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You are my ‘wonder’

Wondering I sat, why my thoughts are wandering to YOU

Whoever you are to me, but you make my senses swing

Oh! I wish I could be everything you want me to be

But alas, all these just a flying flash of fantasy ?

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God’s gift

 god's gift

Never I feel lonely when I am with nature

How gorgeous she glows with God’s Grace!!


The blue sky with passing snowy clouds

The lofty mountains posing so elegant 

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Late but not never!

never late

 Life is spice less when I brood

Why my grace withered so fast


Many women with their flair and feats

Made me jealous, I scorn at me as meek

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Mind errs while conscience irks!


 No one was around, as all slaved by sleep

But she was sleepless, steeped in her thoughts


No movements outside, not even a murmuring insect

But for her sighing heart beats

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A scar is to be balmed

A scar is to be balmed

But not causing another

A tear is to be wiped

But not sweeping a smile

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The dreaming damsel

Slowly slowly sleep slaved my senses

As I stretched to sigh away the strenuous day

Slowly the breeze swept away my sweat

As the sky was all set to stage a water show.

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Nature in you and me

Nature is there in you and me

In all its beauty and bounty,

Nature is God’s ravishing mould

And man is God’s rendezvous make.

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Safe and sheltered

 Heard the wind blowing fierce outside

Inhaled to feel whether it carried his smell


Could hear the rain drops beating on the roof

Listened to its tap-tap, may be his heartbeats

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Be like the Sun!

Hours I sat gazing at the blazing sun

The ever tireless source of light and heat

Sun rises everyday, nothing is as sure as this

Always in sweaty shift, and no time to sleep

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Happy New Year

new year
One more year so swift in packing off

Just few more moments, become part of history.


In spite of few mishaps, it was so good

Paving the road for shooting up fresh.

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