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Heart needs love

Heart is like a vast ocean

Depth never fathomed

It exhilarates in ecstasy

And weeps when wrecked

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I have seen God!


 I have seen God many times in many persons

As God is not only in temples or in mountain peers

But just here and there wherever I turn

In varied forms and terms, even in gestures

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Permalink to Angels won’t stay

Angels won’t stay

Angels appear on this earth

Now and then to induce mirth


She was of that kind, so cherubic

Nothing can match her fine fabric

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Permalink to The magic of music

The magic of music

The world is full of heavenly music

Just ears are not enough to behold

That magic wand weaves waves inside

While it plays with our heart’s strings

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Permalink to Heroes are not zeros

Heroes are not zeros

Heroes are not zeros.

Heroes are not idols

Heroes are not toys

To be stoned at your whims

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Permalink to Not everything, but something!!

Not everything, but something!!

“If wealth is lost, nothing is lost”

So goes the saying


But if money is lost something is lost

So speaks the reality

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The refugees

Thousands I saw at a glance

But not dancing daffodils

They were not in an array

Or any milky bay around

They were muddy and rotten

Won’t even last a wind

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The flying women

working women
Cities never slumber or sigh

As people are in work round-the-clock

Luxuries slash our stress and strain

But never lighten the race of life

Women at home and men at work

Bygone are those days for good

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Permalink to Hopping with hope

Hopping with hope

Heart gets charmed by the beauty of a dawning day

Fresh like a virgin, as pure as snow

Seated on the wet garden bench

I set my heart on the lovely nature around

Watched the dazzling diamonds on the grass

Dews glowing at the touch of sunny rays

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Permalink to Marriage


Once the ceremonies over and the crowd disperse

The couple left alone to start the new life

Signed the bond to love and live together

A mainstay to withstand the twists and turns

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