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Between two oceans

Another evening in a crowded seashore

My eyes hooked by the dooming Sun

Silent I sat there with thoughts locked

Feeling lonely even between two oceans

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To rewind and forward

In solitude, with nothing much to do

We tend to rewind with numbing nostalgia

‘Past’ is always present in our minds

Kindling and kidding in intervals

Childhood was carefree and careless

No troubles to torment or worries to wreck

Knowing and learning new and novel things

Sprightliest days nothing so lively hitherto

Youth splashed with a bang, sweet and sunny

With dazzling thoughts and dauntless mind

Dreamt a lot and achievements were not less

Days of love and romance still trigger a tickle

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Women or men

men or women
Women are wonderful creatures

If not why they impress men so much?

Many a Juliet and Cleopatra came

Still men not learn but lean down

Women are like cats, do as they like

Men are dogs in a way, getting used to that

Women just appear, men in queue to watch

They are real beauty, cannot keep detached!!

Just to make them speak and spark

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The darling dreams!

 Lying prostrate with nothing to bother about

With hands clasped behind sheltering the head

Eyes closed or opened, thoughts meandering

Who won’t cherish for a winged tour with dreams

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Permalink to Woman of hope and healing – Mother Teresa

Woman of hope and healing – Mother Teresa

She said someone more simple and humble will appear

To serve the world,

The world still waits for that saint to appear and inspire

After the demise of that flame of hope


Once she said she had a “call within a call” that made her

The mother of the whole world

A great humanitarian in the midst of terrorism and its turmoil

In quest of peace and love


Her heart was the home for the homeless, balm for the wounded

An incarnation of selfless service

Kind words and deeds of love were her weapons to fight

With the diminishing human morale


Many awards bestowed to honour her, but the greatest of all

The place she occupies in our heart

Not as a messenger of any religion but as an apostle of merciful love

The ‘Saint of the Gutters’


For ever she will remain in our thoughts as the greatest but simplest

Mother of poor and needy

Amidst many baseless views, still echoes her heart’s message of love

Untainted and undaunted

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A drop of tear

Cornered in a crowded city bus,

With face so charming yet worried,

Her dark eyes placid and painful,

She sat there like a frozen statue.


Seven years before on a Valentine’s Day,

She met a man with sharp brown eyes,

Eyes locked and mind intertwined,

Days went by, not even a word shared.


On a fine morning he sat beside her,

In that corner seat, with smile so bewitching;

Not hesitated when he initiated for a talk,

Sat in silence, though in haste to pour out.


It was love at first sight, an instant sprout,

Two hearts tuned into oneness;

Sitting together there in that garden bench,

They knitted lots of knots of love.


Months went by, secretly signed the bond,

As man and wife they started a new life.

The day came when he left for the war,

With tears of sorrow she bade him bye.


Mails were frequent and calls always plenty,

Till on a dark winter day everything stood still.

Years went by and he never showed up,

She waited with love’s own spark of hope.


Today again Valentine’s Day, she rushed to the park,

Heart warm with her lover’s thoughts;

Sun was almost set and darkness deepening,

She too drowning in the pool of despair.


Couples scattered everywhere in jolly mood,

While she felt alone with tears restrained;

With her face buried in her cuddled palms

Refraining herself from the day’s hubbub.


Someone shook her up, her eyes blurred,

Was she dreaming? She pinched to confirm,

There stood her man with wide spread arms,

Miracles do happen with love’s magic charm.


Eyes widened and heart wondering,

She stood for a while, in sweet amazement;

No questions asked she hugged him tight,

A drop of tear dribbled down her cheek.

Permalink to The warrior saint

The warrior saint

When darkness spreads the sun rises to lighten

When drought strains rain pours to enliven

When a devil reigns a saint emerges to dethrone

When we plead and pray, God indeed heeds


There was a time Hinduism drained and strangled

Smothered by many alien norms and notions

Spiritual devastation everywhere, India was at stake

In time appeared a shooting star; a warrior saint!


Peerless he stands towering as saint of saints

Even centuries gone, still a sparkling flame

Inflaming every aspiring soul to arise and awake

A roar that echoed; a ‘very lion among men’


As simple as nature and as fierce as a storm

As calm as an ocean with whirling waves inside

As loving as a mother and as tireless as a soldier

As versatile as a god man; as exuberant as any human


His writings still vibrate kindling thousands to action

His soul still lingers enthusing dauntless daring souls

His life was short but still lives within every proud Indian

His impact is worldwide withstanding all disparities


God is within you, and you are the greatest temple,

‘Faith in oneself’, and he who lacks it, is an atheist,

Fortune is like a flirt, remain a master to enslave it,

We want strength and strength only; to fight misery,

All through his life he practised what he preached


Swami Vivekanada ‘A tonic to the repressed Hindu’

A fighter who conquered the world with his sword

A sword of his own mould, of patience, purity and perseverance

An eternal source of ‘self-respect, self-reliance and self-assertion’


Proud I feel as never before to say ‘I am an Indian’


Permalink to Tokens of love

Tokens of love

 Our heart is very mellifluous and easily mellowing

Raptures even at small and simple gestures of care

It throbs to give and take, and never says enough

Love initiates ecstasy when it is shown and shared


A Smile is born in heart and blooms on face

Beautify your face and pacify the perceiver

It straightaway travels into hearts and lightens

A healer and a stealer of the beholder’s heart


A Word is magical when whispered with care

An index to our thoughts and intense feelings

A word in time can make even a world for you

But always weigh before use; it sometimes wounds


A Pat is like a tonic, strengthens the weaklings

It is like a loud applause; a boon that boosts

No one feels alone when pats pamper you

A pat in time patches many mental pits


A Hug is a replacement where words fail

A gesture of our hands to express our heart

An amazing language universally understood

It makes two hearts meet and the beats heard


A Kiss is the sweetest way to express your love

Mother’s kiss wipes off a child’s tears and fears

With lips locked, love shared and joy doubled

The best gift to give and receive as a token of love


IT is we who make this world the best place

The best place to live, love and enjoy

It is we who create heaven on earth

Our mind is the key to the door of paradise


Permalink to Life is so simple

Life is so simple


 Birth makes us jubilant, we celebrate

Growth gives us hope, we accelerate

Death generates pain, we turn desperate

It is so simple, why we exaggerate?


One day sun may split into pieces

Stars won’t twinkle or moon appear

Lands vanish, gulped by oceans

The universe swallowed as predicted


Let the earth exist or extinct

Yet we humans strive and thrive

That is the spirit, the driving force

As Life is too precious to waste


Every child is a parents’ hope

Every day is an added bonus

Every need is a lead to deeds

Every dream is a seed to sprout


From the genes we inherit our nature

From the world we learn to be mature

Till the end we need a heart to nurture

A heart that holds love as its gesture

Permalink to Why so late?

Why so late?

 The sun is not bright enough or the moon cool

The sky is not blue enough or the clouds dark


The thunder is not loud enough or the wind fierce

The ocean is not deep enough or the shore vast


The flowers are not lovely enough or the leaves green

The birds are not melodious enough or the rivers giggling


The world is not wonderful enough or the life beautiful

The people are not cordial enough or the friends intimate


The morning is not brisk enough or the night calm

The summer is not sunny enough or the winter rainy


The food is not delicious enough or the snacks crispy

The coffee is not strong enough or the wine sour


The books are not interesting enough or the films thrilling

The melodies are not soothing enough or the pop tempting


The hugs are not tight enough or the kisses intense

The sleep is not sound enough or the bed rosy


My senses are immune to all natural things and turned frozen

Why my mind bleeds and feels so meek and bleak?


It is just nothing but a call that I got from my sweetheart

She will be coming only after one month, alas, miss her a lot.


Be in love at least once in your life, the rapture undefined

Behold the panic of love, being captured in another heart.

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