Monthly Archives: August 2009

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Twenty five years of life together

As man and wife, a memorable milestone

It was on a fine auspicious day

My parents offered me to him as his spouse

A bond made with immense hope

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Abode of GOD

From where it comes and where it goes

I blinked in amazement and sheer surprise


Ever it pours magnificent in power and shower

The mellowing waterfalls coming from nowhere

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Houseless but never Homeless

I locked the door and the main gate too
Dared not to look back as great turmoil inside
Eyes were blurred and my mind dumped
The Moments I never wish to recapture

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My first Love

first love
The blowing wind made it pleasant outside
The smell of rain- hit sand screwing my nostrils
Though felt like snuggle under the cozy blanket
The mellowed Nature was extremely intoxicating.

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