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Once again

Pondering for hours she sat at the lonely shore

Solitude is the best company when the mind bleeds

A terrific tussle of thoughts was triggering inside

The mental heat accelerating her heart beats

Never to go back where she felt abandoned

Years she took to realize her non belonging

 Now dreams drained and hopes hallowed

Stared at the residing waves and the setting sun

Why the waves roar? Celebrating her demise?

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The Diamond day

mama& mami
With sparkling eyes reflecting their brimming hearts

Hand in hand they floated with an unearthly bliss

A serene smile of sober pride beautifying their face

An instant recapture instigating ripples of memories

Sixty years back, in the same temple they got married

The day they garlanded to commence a new life

Today, the DAY itself a garland for their laudable feat

Till this date adoring each other and adhering so firm.

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