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The truth


Not frown at me,
But it is the truth.
It is a very common truth,
How many of us will agree?

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How you lived?

flower & bee

From the day I bloomed,
He is so intimate to me.
Often teasing me while playing,
His soft fondling so soothing.
I Dance in tune to his whistles,
Swinging in sheer intoxication.

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Change’ makes life challenging,
Charging us to cope and chop.

No one excepted, have to accept,
Beware of it; that awareness helps.

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Peace! Hops and hops far away
Evading when we stoop to pursue

Is it a total mental tranquility? Or
Is it the absence of human frailty?

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Days are too short

Still the days are of twenty four hours as ever

Stilled is my mind, startled by the scarcity of time

It is spread globally as menacing as an epidemic

Excepting no one, not even a five year old child

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Self Love

self love
It is God’s gorgeous plan, the vivacious variety

It is God’s gracious gift, one’s own individuality

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Once again

Pondering for hours she sat at the lonely shore

Solitude is the best company when the mind bleeds

A terrific tussle of thoughts was triggering inside

The mental heat accelerating her heart beats

Never to go back where she felt abandoned

Years she took to realize her non belonging

 Now dreams drained and hopes hallowed

Stared at the residing waves and the setting sun

Why the waves roar? Celebrating her demise?

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The vegetable seller

When life’s difficulties dampen us

Better not moan, instead look around

An aged vegetable seller stunts me often

May be around seventy to eighty

With a crippled leg hurdling her walk

Head burdened with a heavy basket

One bag under the arm and one on shoulder

What a pity! She is too old even to carry herself

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Stay and fight

life race
The sun lightens the Globe

Granting us new days to live afresh

All in the ground all set to start the race

For a change I left the track to watch around

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Late but not never!

never late

 Life is spice less when I brood

Why my grace withered so fast


Many women with their flair and feats

Made me jealous, I scorn at me as meek

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