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A Day Dream

A vision I had, vivacious and vibrant
So vital I vow, pray it never vanishes.

Rivers not drained nor the fields dry
Array of trees on green grassy carpet.

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Abode of GOD

From where it comes and where it goes

I blinked in amazement and sheer surprise


Ever it pours magnificent in power and shower

The mellowing waterfalls coming from nowhere

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Permalink to You too Nature?

You too Nature?

I was lost in my world of reflections

It was nothing but my own repressions


Why possessed by an indefinable mental agony

May be the obsession of an impending melancholy

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God’s gift

 god's gift

Never I feel lonely when I am with nature

How gorgeous she glows with God’s Grace!!


The blue sky with passing snowy clouds

The lofty mountains posing so elegant 

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Permalink to Nature in you and me

Nature in you and me

Nature is there in you and me

In all its beauty and bounty,

Nature is God’s ravishing mould

And man is God’s rendezvous make.

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The refugees

Thousands I saw at a glance

But not dancing daffodils

They were not in an array

Or any milky bay around

They were muddy and rotten

Won’t even last a wind

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Hopping with hope

Heart gets charmed by the beauty of a dawning day

Fresh like a virgin, as pure as snow

Seated on the wet garden bench

I set my heart on the lovely nature around

Watched the dazzling diamonds on the grass

Dews glowing at the touch of sunny rays

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Permalink to A sunny rainy day

A sunny rainy day

  Sun was about to pack off to brighten the other part of the world

To make room for the darkness to creep and wrap the day in his hold

An unusual bustle everywhere, may be the tussle of the blowing wind

Winged Winds sweeping and spraying the dry sands and leaves

Even huge trees swinging to the tune and tempo of the wind

The stormed nature heralding an outpour of the sky with its water show


Birds in clusters flying off in haste to reach their shelters in time

Cows pacing to sheds and dogs hiding under some parked vehicles

A frail man fretting in futile to group his goats scattered everywhere

From nearby forest some peacocks howling in their dancing mood

The worried mothers waiting at gates for the kids who went out to play

Everywhere a puzzling panic as if it never rained before


The sky is painted into grayish black by the cumulating clouds

Dazzled by the silvery lightning, followed by the roaring thunder

I got out, obsessed by this furious but fantastic show of nature

Looked up at the sky, few drops of water fell on my eyes in response

Then it became massive, the smell of the rain hit land bewitching me

Senses stimulated I got immersed with that exquisite concert of nature