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Behind the curtain

behind the curtain
Behind the curtain I always remained
Befitting to none of my woven dreams
Blemishes so many, blaming me for all
Bewildered I am still in search of a path.

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Twenty five years of life together

As man and wife, a memorable milestone

It was on a fine auspicious day

My parents offered me to him as his spouse

A bond made with immense hope

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Houseless but never Homeless

I locked the door and the main gate too
Dared not to look back as great turmoil inside
Eyes were blurred and my mind dumped
The Moments I never wish to recapture

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Our Pride

One more birthday to my dear Geethu,

What a great privilege to be your sister

Dearest to me as so rare a gift you are

Wish to parcel a piece of my heart to greet you

Though Wishes can only be imparted in words

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Home, my sweet home!

we all
Now sitting alone in the office canteen

I let my thoughts to grab the years bygone


Could hear my mother’s loving call

Rushed inside to find her serving the food

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The Day to cherish!

koushik & goutham
It was a pleasant starry summer night

He cried his way into this world

Though tired I stretched a bit to see his face

And smiled to hide my tears of joy.

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Angels won’t stay

Angels appear on this earth

Now and then to induce mirth


She was of that kind, so cherubic

Nothing can match her fine fabric

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