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Any author’s dream and pride

Printed pages of a writer’s fond recollections

The woven garlands of chosen diction and notions

The wowing mirrors of humans’ hidden emotions

The pure works of art exalted by readers’ nods

They are the most precious and perpetual treasures

Still glowing high amidst the glamour of E-stuffs!


Concise compositions of collected moments

Conceived gradually in the womb of authors’ mind

Delivered in due course with utmost artistry

As wonderful as a new born fresh and fabulous

A living memento of writers’ years of dedication

Forming Libraries and embellishing study-shelves


Nothing is as vibrant as the colourful world of books

Millions of them variant in themes and trends

Each page well packed with thoughts new and novel

Wholesome feast for heart and taunting tonic for brain

Probers of discussions and never ending debates

Enhanced by reviews and popularized by praises


A cherished distant dream of any budding writer

With creative instinct and accumulated word power

Millions of manuscripts still kept as bundled folds

Waiting for the magic touch of publication

Some flourish high with acclaimed popularity, but

Some get buried unknown in dusted book shelves


From the age old stone carvings to today’s E-books

They are the sensational carriers of chosen pathos

Reminders of the past and defenders of the present

Propellers probing us to get fastened for the future

They make us laugh, cry, think and often to take off

To mysterious dream lands in the wings of imagination!


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‘Adieu’ ‘ Sensational Messenger’

Elimination and elevation both are frequent occurrences

 In the natural process of replacement and rejuvenation

 Now You too a part of history being abandoned forever

 Adieu, Ho! The most sensational and stunning messenger.


None can deny the instant surprises and shocks you caused

None can deny the gallant smiles and tears you triggered

None can forget the intense sweat and fret you rendered

None can forget the immense tickles and strokes you aroused


Once hailed as the quickest transmitter is now called a burden

Once loved as a champion conveyer now labeled as obsolete

So far you survived with your vast and vibrant network

Sustaining your might amidst this digitally powered world.


For sixteen decades an assured source of anticipation and fear

Master connector of the whole nation from metros to villages

Emerged the smart phones, broadband and their out springs

But how far they will reach the rural and native nooks?


We will miss your punch and the way you excited our pulse

 We will miss your pinch and the way you exerted us to hush

 Outshined you are as outdated, unreliable and unprofitable

 But wish to get back Ho! You the most effective and efficient messenger!


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The most vibrant messenger of emotions

Usually variant in their  causes and effects

Budding in heart and pooling our eyes

Eloquent expression of our metal status!


A symbol of joy while twinkling in eyes

An unique relaxer for grief stricken minds

A silent language where words are numbed

A universal cleanser of our wearied eyes!


Women’s effective weapon to tame menfolk

Kids’ protective tool to evade punishments

Oldies’ reflective mode to avoid dialogues

But why offensive if a man sheds few drops?


False instant tears trickle and vanish in a wink

But prolong if triggered by intense mental turmoil

Hearty laughs, spicy Indian food and stingy onions

Renowned inducers of hasty irresistible tears!


Eyes dazzle when sparked with tears of pride

Eyes dance when seasoned with tears of love

Eyes droop when saddened with tears of loss

Eyes dash when spirited with tears of hope!

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Human Body

From head to toe a matchless wonder

The unique creation of a master moulder

Even in this era of machines and robots

Forever you are an awful mechanism!

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The salesman

Roaming and selling in crowded streets

Or knocking and waiting at our doorsteps

Sometimes behind the decorated counters

Everywhere he is as an “engine of economy”!

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‘A cup of Coffee’

Right aligned image
A full cup of bubbling hot coffee

Seasoned with sugar and thick milk

 To transform  a damp dawn into a ‘Splash’

A quick trigger to start with a bang!

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The departed soul

Ho Soul! Your origin and destination

Still obscure for our normal thoughts

But you were here as one among us

Making waves and weaving knots

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Blunt faces with masks torn off

Lagging frail bodies tossed by nagging minds

Roaming in streets or bundled in corners

Vagabonds with no binding bounds to vex

Baffled humans either waffling or brooding

Cursed are they with extreme lunacy

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Ode to a Painter!

With an extra visual sense you are moulded

 Installed with a third eye to capture and convey

If not how you portray things so magically

Cannot wink my eyes as I am spellbound

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The freezing Idleness

Having nothing to do

Totally lethargic and lazy

Yelling often to quell boredom

Yawning and frowning

To drain the dragging hours

Better defined as lifeless human logs

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