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The Roads Often taken

The Roads often taken are like ‘our Life’

Cluttered with unpredictable gutters

Added with bumps called speed breakers

Dummy signals and delaying diversions

Narrow lanes and antiquated bridges

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The Unique Orange Ball

Ho! The Universal whitener

Instantly bleaching even the dark sky

Mightiest among the billion stars

A glazing orange ball amidst the clouds

Later to grow into dazzling brightness

Touches the  frozen things to wake up

From the grip of night’s sluggishness

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Under the shower

About to sign off from a summer day

Earnestly aching for a chilly shower

Under the shower like a burning log

To wipe off the day’s stress and strain

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A place where millions of persons meet
With an urge to know and communicate
Faces displayed and thoughts discussed
Facts exposed to friends turned intimate
Risky indeed as masked frauds unidentified
More like gambling, seductive and addictive.

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Between Birth and Death


When the Breath ends the Death occurs
Between the first breath and the last breath
We get a span of time to exist in this earth
The precious time fondly called ’Life’.

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Permalink to Loneliness


Being alone is not always loneliness
Even in a crowd you can be isolated
It is purely of mind, an intense feeling
In-depth is its impact, irking to the core

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The Champion fighter- Anna Hazare

Here where Corruption is in full potency
Here where everyone roars but not dares
Here where nothing seems to change, but
Here where Insurrection is really imminent,

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Permalink to SLEEP


Winding up my thoughts and
Vending off my worries
I stretched and closed my eyes
All set for a blissful slumber
Cuddled in the rosy cozy bed
Ready for a total submission.

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The Coveted CUP

The capped heroes of Indian cricket team,
Exhilarating with extreme excitement,
Arrayed with cupped hands to hold the CUP,
Winners are they making the nation proud!

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The providers

They are called the nation’s ‘backbone’
But ever we cared for their heart’s tone?

They are the providers of prosperity,
But prosperity seldom resides at their home.

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