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Our Parents – Our Akshayapaatram

Anna Manni

The day dawned with an unusual glow,
To celebrate the glory of the occasion.
With smiles of pride and tears of joy,
We welcome the matchless pair to march in!

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Ommm! The Pranava mantra

Blooms from the bottom of vocal system
Travels and transcends through the glottis
Outpours soft and subtle through the mouth
Finally merges with the airy void of universe.

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home maker
Elegantly designated as ‘Home makers’
Elusive a status, eventually may get erased.

Within the four walls dwelling in own world
Nothing the days offer but bitter loneliness

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The Stock Market

A place with lot of varied surprises at stock
Where your pulse and purse are often at stake

People with their lifetime savings invested
Linger in prolonged waits, hopeful of pacifying profit

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Mirror –A reflector

‘Mirror’ a true reflector and a magnifier too

Like a magnet captures every passer by

Old or young, pretty or ugly, busy or lazy

Just pauses and poses to have a glance

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Radha’s Krishna

Ho!  My Lord Krishna,

The enchanter with the magical flute

While you pour the nectar of mellowing tune

The intoxicated Gopis dance in tune

But how long your Radha has to wait and wail?

To be kissed by those honeyed petals

With hankering soul still she craves

To garland you with her stream of love

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A wealthy soul

She too shunned the world to join the celestial

After living here for nine decades in high spirits

Was Down to earth and very worldly too

The same glued her so close to our heart

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The Diamond day

mama& mami
With sparkling eyes reflecting their brimming hearts

Hand in hand they floated with an unearthly bliss

A serene smile of sober pride beautifying their face

An instant recapture instigating ripples of memories

Sixty years back, in the same temple they got married

The day they garlanded to commence a new life

Today, the DAY itself a garland for their laudable feat

Till this date adoring each other and adhering so firm.

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The magic of music

The world is full of heavenly music

Just ears are not enough to behold

That magic wand weaves waves inside

While it plays with our heart’s strings

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Heroes are not zeros

Heroes are not zeros.

Heroes are not idols

Heroes are not toys

To be stoned at your whims

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