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The changing phases

Still I remember me as a small fluttering girl

Worriless hurry less child bubbling with giggles

Burdened in no way and no hurdles in my way

Grumbled never as days were always gay

Dressed in glazing glittering attires

Flying like butterflies with youthful wings

Smiling ever like an angel, a bloomed flower

Those wonderful days evergreen in my thoughts

Time dashed in a rush, womanhood pushed in

Dreams so many blushed but were to be hushed

\With burdened shoulders and bound to many bonds

Life was no more fun, but strong enough not to shun

Now sitting here in solitude I look back in anguish

Just one among the multitude, nothing great to relish

Still never I sob or throb for a better life

As life turns bitter when we mutter in waste

Worst become best, when mind beholds it bravely

Worst gets worsened, when mind evades it cowardly

2 Comments to The changing phases

  1. mopasang valath

    True picture of humanity.

  2. L.Ramani

    Phases of life happens by an efflux of time and true to every creature in this world.But the descriptive delineation of the poet has made this subject distinctive and reflective.SK again another philosophical weaving.

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