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The warrior saint

When darkness spreads the sun rises to lighten

When drought strains rain pours to enliven

When a devil reigns a saint emerges to dethrone

When we plead and pray, God indeed heeds


There was a time Hinduism drained and strangled

Smothered by many alien norms and notions

Spiritual devastation everywhere, India was at stake

In time appeared a shooting star; a warrior saint!


Peerless he stands towering as saint of saints

Even centuries gone, still a sparkling flame

Inflaming every aspiring soul to arise and awake

A roar that echoed; a ‘very lion among men’


As simple as nature and as fierce as a storm

As calm as an ocean with whirling waves inside

As loving as a mother and as tireless as a soldier

As versatile as a god man; as exuberant as any human


His writings still vibrate kindling thousands to action

His soul still lingers enthusing dauntless daring souls

His life was short but still lives within every proud Indian

His impact is worldwide withstanding all disparities


God is within you, and you are the greatest temple,

‘Faith in oneself’, and he who lacks it, is an atheist,

Fortune is like a flirt, remain a master to enslave it,

We want strength and strength only; to fight misery,

All through his life he practised what he preached


Swami Vivekanada ‘A tonic to the repressed Hindu’

A fighter who conquered the world with his sword

A sword of his own mould, of patience, purity and perseverance

An eternal source of ‘self-respect, self-reliance and self-assertion’


Proud I feel as never before to say ‘I am an Indian’


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Tokens of love

 Our heart is very mellifluous and easily mellowing

Raptures even at small and simple gestures of care

It throbs to give and take, and never says enough

Love initiates ecstasy when it is shown and shared


A Smile is born in heart and blooms on face

Beautify your face and pacify the perceiver

It straightaway travels into hearts and lightens

A healer and a stealer of the beholder’s heart


A Word is magical when whispered with care

An index to our thoughts and intense feelings

A word in time can make even a world for you

But always weigh before use; it sometimes wounds


A Pat is like a tonic, strengthens the weaklings

It is like a loud applause; a boon that boosts

No one feels alone when pats pamper you

A pat in time patches many mental pits


A Hug is a replacement where words fail

A gesture of our hands to express our heart

An amazing language universally understood

It makes two hearts meet and the beats heard


A Kiss is the sweetest way to express your love

Mother’s kiss wipes off a child’s tears and fears

With lips locked, love shared and joy doubled

The best gift to give and receive as a token of love


IT is we who make this world the best place

The best place to live, love and enjoy

It is we who create heaven on earth

Our mind is the key to the door of paradise


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Life is so simple


 Birth makes us jubilant, we celebrate

Growth gives us hope, we accelerate

Death generates pain, we turn desperate

It is so simple, why we exaggerate?


One day sun may split into pieces

Stars won’t twinkle or moon appear

Lands vanish, gulped by oceans

The universe swallowed as predicted


Let the earth exist or extinct

Yet we humans strive and thrive

That is the spirit, the driving force

As Life is too precious to waste


Every child is a parents’ hope

Every day is an added bonus

Every need is a lead to deeds

Every dream is a seed to sprout


From the genes we inherit our nature

From the world we learn to be mature

Till the end we need a heart to nurture

A heart that holds love as its gesture

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Why so late?

 The sun is not bright enough or the moon cool

The sky is not blue enough or the clouds dark


The thunder is not loud enough or the wind fierce

The ocean is not deep enough or the shore vast


The flowers are not lovely enough or the leaves green

The birds are not melodious enough or the rivers giggling


The world is not wonderful enough or the life beautiful

The people are not cordial enough or the friends intimate


The morning is not brisk enough or the night calm

The summer is not sunny enough or the winter rainy


The food is not delicious enough or the snacks crispy

The coffee is not strong enough or the wine sour


The books are not interesting enough or the films thrilling

The melodies are not soothing enough or the pop tempting


The hugs are not tight enough or the kisses intense

The sleep is not sound enough or the bed rosy


My senses are immune to all natural things and turned frozen

Why my mind bleeds and feels so meek and bleak?


It is just nothing but a call that I got from my sweetheart

She will be coming only after one month, alas, miss her a lot.


Be in love at least once in your life, the rapture undefined

Behold the panic of love, being captured in another heart.

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India of my dreams

India where secularity yields no commotions

India where solidarity bridles our emotions

India where integrity intensify our passion

India where humanity persists as our notion


India where youth strive but not strike

India where revolutions revive but not rebuke

India where kids are in schools but not in streets

India where religion teaches but not tortures


India where rivers are shared but not soiled

India where bridges are renewed but not ruined

India where mountains protect but not divide

India where roads are broadened but not pumped


India where economy is improved and empowered

India where education is available and affordable

India where men and women are in equal status

India where we are aware of our rights and duties


‘Unity in Diversity’ is India’s specialty; its axis

But now a curse, a hurdle in our path of progress

Beware of politicians, jokers who juggle to exploit

Let us explode and expedite a timely arousal!

To mould that heavenly India of our dreams

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A sunny rainy day

  Sun was about to pack off to brighten the other part of the world

To make room for the darkness to creep and wrap the day in his hold

An unusual bustle everywhere, may be the tussle of the blowing wind

Winged Winds sweeping and spraying the dry sands and leaves

Even huge trees swinging to the tune and tempo of the wind

The stormed nature heralding an outpour of the sky with its water show


Birds in clusters flying off in haste to reach their shelters in time

Cows pacing to sheds and dogs hiding under some parked vehicles

A frail man fretting in futile to group his goats scattered everywhere

From nearby forest some peacocks howling in their dancing mood

The worried mothers waiting at gates for the kids who went out to play

Everywhere a puzzling panic as if it never rained before


The sky is painted into grayish black by the cumulating clouds

Dazzled by the silvery lightning, followed by the roaring thunder

I got out, obsessed by this furious but fantastic show of nature

Looked up at the sky, few drops of water fell on my eyes in response

Then it became massive, the smell of the rain hit land bewitching me

Senses stimulated I got immersed with that exquisite concert of nature



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Life in capsules

Life is now in capsules, so precise and compact

Everything in an array, kept accurate and in tact

Days well planned and even seconds counted

As nights quite shortened even sleep minimized


Food in readymade packs, swallowed even in roads

Tinned milk and juices swift killers of thirst and hunger

Hanging in crowded buses or flying in two-wheelers

Plunging into moving trains, to be punctual in office


Kids burdened with heavy bags and tough lessons

Early to school and back home late, play time is nil

Some stuffed in hostels sweating with dreams of home

Lacks in nothing but something is missing, indefinable


Some live in far-off lands earning to boost their wallet

In touch with dear ones but still mind tastes numbness

Indeed inventions made this world so small and concise

But hearts’ needs cannot be curtailed or compensated


Mother’s lap or father’s hug, spouse’s warmth or kids’ kisses

Too precious to part with, too sweet to scorn as silly

Only when we lose we feel the worth of what we had

Only when we gain we feel the worth of what we are


Life is just a game, gallop but not grumble when u fail

Life is just a battle, brave it but not baffle when u face

Life is just a dream, live it but not regret when u realise

Life is but a unique gift, careful not to gamble or jumble

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What is happiness?

Life is a perpetual pursuit to attain and retain

‘Happiness’ the most blissful mental status,

A serene sensation that springs in our soul

Blooms our heart and radiates the body.


Happiness is contagious, let it loose to spread out

As a smile causes thousand smiles to sprout out.

Happiness is music, a sea of nectar to be consumed

It is contentment, a mental harmony in concord


Money can buy you pleasures, but not peace

Power can bring you honours, but not grace

Joy of course measures, when shared apiece

Sorrow creeps and crushes, but not demise


Happiness is love eternal and enlivened

Happiness is hope kindled and refreshed

Happiness is an unique feeling undefined, but

Happiness doubles and bubbles when shared


Our mind is always a wet fertile land

Sow there the seeds of hope, love and peace

Nurture it well with patience and persistence

To reap the harvest of happiness in heaps!!

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Things to remember

At times we feel totally lethargic and lousy

The whole life seems frivolous and fretted

Ifs and buts creep in, life turns an enigma

A stage so common but has to get through


Count what you have, lapses and lacks slowly vanish

Compile your real tune to compose the song of life

Complaint not but be constant in controversies

Confined in passion but concrete in notions


Be like a child, carefree and worry-free

Be like a monk, poised and persistent

Be like a lion, fearless and tireless

But try to be yourself, not a replica


Easy to give tips but cozy if you really heed

Alone we strain but together we can strive

After all man is a social being, aloof why u remain?

Life is to be lived, so waste not even a breath!!

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Life mechanised

Living in an era where

Machines replace manpower


Everything electrified

Hands just to switch on and off


Here or there; wherever you are

Companioned with mobiles


Legs seldom touch the earth

As you float in skies or ride in cars


No dragging waits for postman’s bell

Email is just instant and immediate


Friendships made so easy and quick

Just a click, you in the midst of options many


Less time in kitchen or with sewing machines

Housewives enthralled by the magic box


No time or patience for finger calculations

Kids so familiar with calculators


Books so heavy and elaborate to peep in

Popped search engines, offers in precise


Dusted accounts book are given rest

As spread sheets excel brain’s speed


Not only in touch but also in sight

See while you chat with your near ones


Inventions are indeed innovative

Lessen the strain though stress still sticks


World so small and our vistas so vast

Still our heart aches when it lacks


The tender touch of pure love and care

As the world is too busy to hear and heed


Still our hearts demand and deplore

Is this only that we really want?


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