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Change’ makes life challenging,
Charging us to cope and chop.

No one excepted, have to accept,
Beware of it; that awareness helps.

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Ommm! The Pranava mantra

Blooms from the bottom of vocal system
Travels and transcends through the glottis
Outpours soft and subtle through the mouth
Finally merges with the airy void of universe.

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Growing Old

growing old
A natural  physical deterioration
Yet causing dampening numbness
Mind gallops to gain more and more
But physic reluctant and refuses to glide

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A Day Dream

A vision I had, vivacious and vibrant
So vital I vow, pray it never vanishes.

Rivers not drained nor the fields dry
Array of trees on green grassy carpet.

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home maker
Elegantly designated as ‘Home makers’
Elusive a status, eventually may get erased.

Within the four walls dwelling in own world
Nothing the days offer but bitter loneliness

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The crash

Crashed into a dense forest in a cursed moment
Crushing so many lives and curtailing their dreams.
Calculations we make but conclusions conjured above
Crazy we turn when confused by such incoherence.

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The Stock Market

A place with lot of varied surprises at stock
Where your pulse and purse are often at stake

People with their lifetime savings invested
Linger in prolonged waits, hopeful of pacifying profit

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Heart Bleeds

heart bleeds
The country sandwiched and strangled by
The internal brutality and external terrorism

Soldiers so many shot dead as flimsy birds
In a wink they lay lifeless, their body chopped.

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Paths not taken

paths not taken
With long and fast strides she was already on move as if she never wanted to look back. To look back and to go back was always there in her nature. But she was not in a retreating mood; indeed with a heavy mind but charged with an unusual zest. It would take almost fifteen minutes to reach the main road and she was the only walker with two big boxes balancing each other in her hold.

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Peace! Hops and hops far away
Evading when we stoop to pursue

Is it a total mental tranquility? Or
Is it the absence of human frailty?

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