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Behind the curtain

behind the curtain
Behind the curtain I always remained
Befitting to none of my woven dreams
Blemishes so many, blaming me for all
Bewildered I am still in search of a path.

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Days are too short

Still the days are of twenty four hours as ever

Stilled is my mind, startled by the scarcity of time

It is spread globally as menacing as an epidemic

Excepting no one, not even a five year old child

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My village –A recollection


The grassy road took me to the vibrant lake flowing so calm and serene
Stood there for a while inhaling the sweet smell carried by the breeze
Found some jubilant half naked kids, jumping and diving into the lake
The tacit thoughts of childhood days rushed in, sighed in utter remorse
The fire was there ever within me to return and recapture the lost heaven
At last I cuddled into the lap of my village, a dream knotted long before
The grassy bed invited me to stretch on, looking at the sky I just relaxed.

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Mirror –A reflector

‘Mirror’ a true reflector and a magnifier too

Like a magnet captures every passer by

Old or young, pretty or ugly, busy or lazy

Just pauses and poses to have a glance

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Radha’s Krishna

Ho!  My Lord Krishna,

The enchanter with the magical flute

While you pour the nectar of mellowing tune

The intoxicated Gopis dance in tune

But how long your Radha has to wait and wail?

To be kissed by those honeyed petals

With hankering soul still she craves

To garland you with her stream of love

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Self Love

self love
It is God’s gorgeous plan, the vivacious variety

It is God’s gracious gift, one’s own individuality

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A wealthy soul

She too shunned the world to join the celestial

After living here for nine decades in high spirits

Was Down to earth and very worldly too

The same glued her so close to our heart

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Once again

Pondering for hours she sat at the lonely shore

Solitude is the best company when the mind bleeds

A terrific tussle of thoughts was triggering inside

The mental heat accelerating her heart beats

Never to go back where she felt abandoned

Years she took to realize her non belonging

 Now dreams drained and hopes hallowed

Stared at the residing waves and the setting sun

Why the waves roar? Celebrating her demise?

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The Diamond day

mama& mami
With sparkling eyes reflecting their brimming hearts

Hand in hand they floated with an unearthly bliss

A serene smile of sober pride beautifying their face

An instant recapture instigating ripples of memories

Sixty years back, in the same temple they got married

The day they garlanded to commence a new life

Today, the DAY itself a garland for their laudable feat

Till this date adoring each other and adhering so firm.

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Twenty five years of life together

As man and wife, a memorable milestone

It was on a fine auspicious day

My parents offered me to him as his spouse

A bond made with immense hope

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