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The departed soul

Ho Soul! Your origin and destination

Still obscure for our normal thoughts

But you were here as one among us

Making waves and weaving knots


Succumbed to various obsessions

We observed not your recessions

Shunning off your mortal possessions

You dashed off to join the celestials


Stunned are we yet to recompose

Seeking solaces to console our hearts

Muted mind breeding total trance

Franticly glued to the fond memories


Birth and death a recurring phenomenon

 As arrival always  denotes departure

The winter may vanish for spring to bloom

But your absence is eternal never to be filled


Without you there we have to march on

Within our heart having you enshrined

Wherein resides the love you imparted

Not to be rubbed off by time’s eraser


Sow the seeds of good deeds while we live

So that they will grow into fruitful trees

Serving and shading our dear and near ones

The only way we mortal can be eternalized


Waste not life in amassing treasures in plenty

When we leave we cannot take even a penny

Try to make the harvest when we are lively

Once the soul departs the body becomes a dummy!

3 Comments to The departed soul

  1. mopasang

    Wonderful, so tranquil, well done!

  2. vkram

    A poem, what people call soul-searching ! Excellent !!

  3. ‘Muted mind breeding total trance’- what a pregnant thought…after going through this poem I was literally transformed into a trance. I must add Santhi-” thou art a blessed soul” with such stirling ideas.

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