Monthly Archives: November 2008

22 Nov 2008

The New Year Eve

It is New Year Eve, offering a new pack of days Time to start a fresh struggle to stay and survive The world remains stoic and stunts you with surprises It is we who should be equipped to stand in stead We all have same origin ‘The mother’s womb’ And the same destination too ‘The […]

22 Nov 2008

Woman is a Boon

Heated discussions and debates still held relentless The battle between the sexes ever fresh and endless She is Easwar’s one half and made of Man’s back bone Still she fights for equality, though she knows she is unique She is like a flower, emitting the hues of love and care Nothing is as entic

22 Nov 2008

Go for it

Life is not always a tale of sobs and sorrows Many jubilant moments render it glorious As the twinkling stars illuminate the dark sky Or the pouring sky sweep away the hellish heat. When a child screams for the first time To announce his arrival on this earth Mother even in acute pain feels elevated

22 Nov 2008

A musical spring-M.S

The sun sublimes his rays and the birds subside Even the humming wind stops, to echo that voice It is human yet divine, earthly but immortal Enters through your ears and touches your soul Day or night, spring or winter, joy or sorrow It Seasons you with its sonorous sweetness Our days are auspicious