Post Independence Indian literature

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India is a country vibrant with all kinds of varieties. It is quiet natural that a nation’s lifestyle, its economic, social, religious and literal norms and notions remain always interrelated. Literature of any nation in any language is an output of the squeezed subtleties of an author’s experiences and expeditions confronted in his daily life. Indian literature which can be traced back even to Vedic periods is like a jewel pulsated and polished by the existence of diversity in regions, religions, rulers, languages and socio economic revolutions. Continue reading “Post Independence Indian literature”

To say or not to say

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At last I was whispering  ” you know how much I Love you, if only you hear the voice  of my heart” .She turned and asked , ”  Vasanth, what was that,…come again ” but I was speechless…. She was giving the wedding card to all her friends, and gasping in between to answer their naughty queries. This is the last chance for me, to reveal, to bring her to my world, but I am standing here dumb as if resigning myself to the inevitable. Continue reading “To say or not to say”


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A place where millions of persons meet
With an urge to know and communicate
Faces displayed and thoughts discussed
Facts exposed to friends turned intimate
Risky indeed as masked frauds unidentified
More like gambling, seductive and addictive. Continue reading “Facebook”