Aged but young

 In no time she coloured her hair

With no grey hair left to show up


Few minutes in beauty parlour

Face glared with no wrinkles


Attired in a most modern dress

Her each move so enticing


She floated through the street

Brisk and beaming like a damsel


Tickles travelled through her body

When amazed eyes stick on her


Nothing reminded her of the age

Still feeling so young and lively


Entered her office even prior to time

But stunned by the impending sour news


Tears rushed, but hushed with strain

One more month to go for her retirement


The day dragged on she totally drooped

Drained of life she returned home


Her hubby at gate with a blooming face

Courted her to home, so unusual


Blinking tears with a blank mind

Never had she felt so weak all through


The door opened with a Bang! With

Some soft music so mellowing


Her hubby said aloud “It is our first wedding day”,

“But after the thirty fifth” he whispered


Now standing beside him in her wedding dress

She was beaming with glowing youth


Just hand in hand they walked out

To celebrate the day’s mirth


Behind every aged BUT young woman

There stands a man always loving and caring


We are the moulders

 Love is eternal

If it is immeasurable


Happiness is an illusion

If it can be purchased


Intelligence is futile

If it leads to pride


Foolishness is bliss

If it keeps us humble


Loneliness is fruitful

If it induces to ponder


Togetherness turns a curse

If it breeds hatred


Music is divine

If it flames our soul


Dance is a tonic

If it drives away lethargy


Life is like a treasure island

If we explore we get richer


Life remains just a fantasy

If we remain just dreamers


Life becomes what we opt to make it

Life becomes vacuum once we omit to make it

Dreams and realities

 In deep depth of our mind

Dreams are kept slumbering

Some of them find light

Many of them die in darkness


Never be ashamed of your dreams; without them

Sapless hapless we linger worst than a log lifeless

Dreams are like angels colourful and cherubic

Dreams are like witches too, webs and later ebbs


Winged thoughts sometimes fly off bridle less

Exceed all limits and high are its splendours

But at any unpredicted moment have to come down

To feel and face the sour realities in store


Life is like a cup of raw rice to be cooked and served

Boil it in the salty water of sweat and wait with hope

In-between add the spices of dreams and fortune

Garnish it with ambition and present it with prayers


Fate favours you when you are persistent to win

Fate fails you when you are hesitant to resist

Fate hails you when you are valiant to sustain

Fate conquers you when you are impatient to remain


Nature’s law

I saw a garden green and gorgeous

Full of dancing blooms fresh and fragrant

Sat in the midst to flavour the flawless beauty

Induced by the embrace of the scented breeze

A chilly tickle travelled quick from head to toe

I lay on the grassy carpet shadowed by the apple tree


Ears sensed a howling whistle: soon eyes captured a lusty bee

From flower to flower he fluttered to flirt and imbibe

Licked the petals soft and sucked the nectar in greed

Seduced blooms succumbing to his winks and whims

Subject are we all, from insects to human

To the nature’s law, better not breach to be in peace


Heard a kid’s shrieking cry from somewhere near

In no time a woman in panic rushed from nowhere

Cuddled and pampered the kid with her muddy hand

Clasped the babe close to her drooping bosom

Leaning on the tree she closed her eyes in relish

See the nature’s wonder, mum’s blood turned into milk


Something is there beyond our grasp, don’t you agree?

Something is there that binds us together, don’t you feel?

Something is there that always we miss, don’t you hanker?

That something is there within your heart, please look in!!

That something is nothing but Love; please spread out!!

That something is everything in life; please fill it, in and out!!

God’s masterpiece

  God the master creator is matchless in his crafts

The ‘human mind’ being his forever masterpiece

God even cannot foresee its ways so mysterious

Ages gone still remain the most unpredictable


Thousands of battles tirelessly fought and pacified

Thousands of castles fondly built and crushed

Thousands of dreams hopefully dreamt and dead

Thousands of wishes instantly burst and silenced


Desires a lot but derives little, that is its specialty

Stop not shortly but thrives on, that is its capacity

Cares a lot and cherishes too, that is its sensitivity

Bonds it makes and bounds too, that is its vitality


Milton the great blind poet but the most enlightened

Described how it designs and fabricates the earth

Into heaven with its patience and perseverance

Or into hell with its impatience and intolerance


It belongs solely to humankind so itself unique

It remains yet to be defined so itself inexplicable

It puzzles even the rationalist so itself supernatural

It remains a wonder, a riddle unraveled even to God!

The New Year Eve

It is New Year Eve, offering a new pack of days
Time to start a fresh struggle to stay and survive
The world remains stoic and stunts you with surprises
It is we who should be equipped to stand in stead

We all have same origin ‘The mother’s womb’
And the same destination too ‘The graveyard’
But in between creeps some deadly disparities
And that looms large as a menacing monster

Patriotism is positive and progressive
When it moulds us into devoted citizens
Once it breeds contempt and rivalry
It is nothing but exocentric extremism

Religion is highly refreshing when it refines
It sets guidelines to choose the correct path
Once it causes baseless riots and bloodshed
It is nothing but frivolous fanaticism

Politics is to shape the mass into perfect civilians
To keep going the democracy in tact
Once it fumes with fights for pomp and power
It is nothing but arrogant antagonism

Education is to uplift children intellectually
To be aware of past and beware of the future
Once it turns into a harvest to bulge the purse
It is nothing but a funny favouritism

It is never late to restart, as change is irrevocable
It is never late to arise, as a beginning is inevitable
It is ever foolish to stop, as pursuance is indispensable
It is ever wise to strive, as passivity is impeachable

Let us give the New Year a hearty welcome
Let all the prayers and hopes turned into real
Let us come together to attain the utmost
Let us live and love together to build that dream world!!

Woman is a Boon

Heated discussions and debates still held relentless
The battle between the sexes ever fresh and endless
She is Easwar’s one half and made of Man’s back bone
Still she fights for equality, though she knows she is unique

She is like a flower, emitting the hues of love and care
Nothing is as enticing as her beauty, so sensuous and soft
Her heart is a honeyed nest of varied intense emotions
But many withers in waste as not well nurtured and nourished

She is like a lamp, brightens your life if let to shine and glow
She is multi-powered, even flames as sun tireless if required
Like a candle melts and merges, if enshrined in your hearts
But never cage her in a pot to flicker, it wipes off her vitality

So similar to mother earth in patience and forbearance
Like a river impeding sorrows and imparting happiness
Serene as breeze, fierce as storm and whirly as wind
Her mind deeper than oceans and vaster than the sky

She cooks for you and hooks you with her passion
She confuses you but induces you with her thoughts
She falls in love and hails you as her prince charming
She mothers you and cheers you by her pampering

Men and Women, better not to think of them apart
If she is a poem he is the lyrics, just need to be tuned
If she is the music he is the maestro playing her well
If she is life he is her breath, together they exist
She is your ‘Sakthi’, be pious she keeps you poised
Beware she is ‘Kaali’ too; the strings are in your hands only!!!

Go for it

Life is not always a tale of sobs and sorrows
Many jubilant moments render it glorious
As the twinkling stars illuminate the dark sky
Or the pouring sky sweep away the hellish heat.

When a child screams for the first time
To announce his arrival on this earth
Mother even in acute pain feels elevated
By the most rapturous moments in her life

A father rarely cries as a man he has to hide
But countless times he cries and smiles
Just his kid’s ups and downs enough to kindle
Words not expressive enough to explain his joy

Past mighty be placid and future seems foggy
But it between comes the days to harvest
Sow the seeds with hope as the field is yours
None can snatch your chance to reap the fruits

If sorrow is not there happiness is meek and bleak
If darkness is not there light also is non existent
If tears are not there how smiles become so soothing
When happiness creep in sorrows naturally drain of

Just keep your faces smiling to brighten thousands
Just speak few soft words, to inspire so many
Just keep your friends near to heart to lessen enemies
Just broaden your approach so that the gap is abridged

A musical spring-M.S

The sun sublimes his rays and the birds subside
Even the humming wind stops, to echo that voice
It is human yet divine, earthly but immortal
Enters through your ears and touches your soul
Day or night, spring or winter, joy or sorrow
It Seasons you with its sonorous sweetness

Our days are auspicious if dawn with her ‘Suparabatham’
Our worries wiped off by her mellifluous melodies
Our spiritual thirst quelled by her devotional Bajans
Our artistic throb answered by her technical perfection
NO wonder!! She was a goddess incarnate, a singing angel

Her face was gracious like a bloomed lotus
Her voice flowing and flawless like nightingale
Her music a perfect blend of devotion and emotions
Her life a saga of spiritual quest and graceful humility
Her mind an embodiment of divinity and compassion
Blessed are we to have Devi Saraswathi herself with us

She sang from her soul, so now she lives in our souls
When others have fans she has enchanted devotees
It was almost six decades of musical enrichment
Global was her reach and fame, as a fabulous musician
But typical Indian woman in her outfits and outlook
Music was in her blood and breath, the very core of her being

Excellent music rendered from heart that was her class
Enabling even the commons to inhale the nectar of heavenly music
That little Kunjamma lives ever peerless and matchless
“She carries veena in her throat’ so aptly and truly defined
Praises in abundance and honours so many to garland
“Kurai Onrum illai” if we were to have such legends among us

Suswaralakshmi Subbulakshmi,” this humble devotee’s pranam