Women or men

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Women are wonderful creatures

If not why they impress men so much?

Many a Juliet and Cleopatra came

Still men not learn but lean down

Women are like cats, do as they like

Men are dogs in a way, getting used to that

Women just appear, men in queue to watch

They are real beauty, cannot keep detached!!

Just to make them speak and spark Continue reading “Women or men”

Tokens of love

 Our heart is very mellifluous and easily mellowing

Raptures even at small and simple gestures of care

It throbs to give and take, and never says enough

Love initiates ecstasy when it is shown and shared


A Smile is born in heart and blooms on face

Beautify your face and pacify the perceiver

It straightaway travels into hearts and lightens

A healer and a stealer of the beholder’s heart


A Word is magical when whispered with care

An index to our thoughts and intense feelings

A word in time can make even a world for you

But always weigh before use; it sometimes wounds


A Pat is like a tonic, strengthens the weaklings

It is like a loud applause; a boon that boosts

No one feels alone when pats pamper you

A pat in time patches many mental pits


A Hug is a replacement where words fail

A gesture of our hands to express our heart

An amazing language universally understood

It makes two hearts meet and the beats heard


A Kiss is the sweetest way to express your love

Mother’s kiss wipes off a child’s tears and fears

With lips locked, love shared and joy doubled

The best gift to give and receive as a token of love


IT is we who make this world the best place

The best place to live, love and enjoy

It is we who create heaven on earth

Our mind is the key to the door of paradise


Things to remember

At times we feel totally lethargic and lousy

The whole life seems frivolous and fretted

Ifs and buts creep in, life turns an enigma

A stage so common but has to get through


Count what you have, lapses and lacks slowly vanish

Compile your real tune to compose the song of life

Complaint not but be constant in controversies

Confined in passion but concrete in notions


Be like a child, carefree and worry-free

Be like a monk, poised and persistent

Be like a lion, fearless and tireless

But try to be yourself, not a replica


Easy to give tips but cozy if you really heed

Alone we strain but together we can strive

After all man is a social being, aloof why u remain?

Life is to be lived, so waste not even a breath!!

We are the moulders

 Love is eternal

If it is immeasurable


Happiness is an illusion

If it can be purchased


Intelligence is futile

If it leads to pride


Foolishness is bliss

If it keeps us humble


Loneliness is fruitful

If it induces to ponder


Togetherness turns a curse

If it breeds hatred


Music is divine

If it flames our soul


Dance is a tonic

If it drives away lethargy


Life is like a treasure island

If we explore we get richer


Life remains just a fantasy

If we remain just dreamers


Life becomes what we opt to make it

Life becomes vacuum once we omit to make it

The New Year Eve

It is New Year Eve, offering a new pack of days
Time to start a fresh struggle to stay and survive
The world remains stoic and stunts you with surprises
It is we who should be equipped to stand in stead

We all have same origin ‘The mother’s womb’
And the same destination too ‘The graveyard’
But in between creeps some deadly disparities
And that looms large as a menacing monster

Patriotism is positive and progressive
When it moulds us into devoted citizens
Once it breeds contempt and rivalry
It is nothing but exocentric extremism

Religion is highly refreshing when it refines
It sets guidelines to choose the correct path
Once it causes baseless riots and bloodshed
It is nothing but frivolous fanaticism

Politics is to shape the mass into perfect civilians
To keep going the democracy in tact
Once it fumes with fights for pomp and power
It is nothing but arrogant antagonism

Education is to uplift children intellectually
To be aware of past and beware of the future
Once it turns into a harvest to bulge the purse
It is nothing but a funny favouritism

It is never late to restart, as change is irrevocable
It is never late to arise, as a beginning is inevitable
It is ever foolish to stop, as pursuance is indispensable
It is ever wise to strive, as passivity is impeachable

Let us give the New Year a hearty welcome
Let all the prayers and hopes turned into real
Let us come together to attain the utmost
Let us live and love together to build that dream world!!

Go for it

Life is not always a tale of sobs and sorrows
Many jubilant moments render it glorious
As the twinkling stars illuminate the dark sky
Or the pouring sky sweep away the hellish heat.

When a child screams for the first time
To announce his arrival on this earth
Mother even in acute pain feels elevated
By the most rapturous moments in her life

A father rarely cries as a man he has to hide
But countless times he cries and smiles
Just his kid’s ups and downs enough to kindle
Words not expressive enough to explain his joy

Past mighty be placid and future seems foggy
But it between comes the days to harvest
Sow the seeds with hope as the field is yours
None can snatch your chance to reap the fruits

If sorrow is not there happiness is meek and bleak
If darkness is not there light also is non existent
If tears are not there how smiles become so soothing
When happiness creep in sorrows naturally drain of

Just keep your faces smiling to brighten thousands
Just speak few soft words, to inspire so many
Just keep your friends near to heart to lessen enemies
Just broaden your approach so that the gap is abridged