Life in capsules

Life is now in capsules, so precise and compact

Everything in an array, kept accurate and in tact

Days well planned and even seconds counted

As nights quite shortened even sleep minimized


Food in readymade packs, swallowed even in roads

Tinned milk and juices swift killers of thirst and hunger

Hanging in crowded buses or flying in two-wheelers

Plunging into moving trains, to be punctual in office


Kids burdened with heavy bags and tough lessons

Early to school and back home late, play time is nil

Some stuffed in hostels sweating with dreams of home

Lacks in nothing but something is missing, indefinable


Some live in far-off lands earning to boost their wallet

In touch with dear ones but still mind tastes numbness

Indeed inventions made this world so small and concise

But hearts’ needs cannot be curtailed or compensated


Mother’s lap or father’s hug, spouse’s warmth or kids’ kisses

Too precious to part with, too sweet to scorn as silly

Only when we lose we feel the worth of what we had

Only when we gain we feel the worth of what we are


Life is just a game, gallop but not grumble when u fail

Life is just a battle, brave it but not baffle when u face

Life is just a dream, live it but not regret when u realise

Life is but a unique gift, careful not to gamble or jumble

What is happiness?

Life is a perpetual pursuit to attain and retain

‘Happiness’ the most blissful mental status,

A serene sensation that springs in our soul

Blooms our heart and radiates the body.


Happiness is contagious, let it loose to spread out

As a smile causes thousand smiles to sprout out.

Happiness is music, a sea of nectar to be consumed

It is contentment, a mental harmony in concord


Money can buy you pleasures, but not peace

Power can bring you honours, but not grace

Joy of course measures, when shared apiece

Sorrow creeps and crushes, but not demise


Happiness is love eternal and enlivened

Happiness is hope kindled and refreshed

Happiness is an unique feeling undefined, but

Happiness doubles and bubbles when shared


Our mind is always a wet fertile land

Sow there the seeds of hope, love and peace

Nurture it well with patience and persistence

To reap the harvest of happiness in heaps!!

Life mechanised

Living in an era where

Machines replace manpower


Everything electrified

Hands just to switch on and off


Here or there; wherever you are

Companioned with mobiles


Legs seldom touch the earth

As you float in skies or ride in cars


No dragging waits for postman’s bell

Email is just instant and immediate


Friendships made so easy and quick

Just a click, you in the midst of options many


Less time in kitchen or with sewing machines

Housewives enthralled by the magic box


No time or patience for finger calculations

Kids so familiar with calculators


Books so heavy and elaborate to peep in

Popped search engines, offers in precise


Dusted accounts book are given rest

As spread sheets excel brain’s speed


Not only in touch but also in sight

See while you chat with your near ones


Inventions are indeed innovative

Lessen the strain though stress still sticks


World so small and our vistas so vast

Still our heart aches when it lacks


The tender touch of pure love and care

As the world is too busy to hear and heed


Still our hearts demand and deplore

Is this only that we really want?


Dreams and realities

 In deep depth of our mind

Dreams are kept slumbering

Some of them find light

Many of them die in darkness


Never be ashamed of your dreams; without them

Sapless hapless we linger worst than a log lifeless

Dreams are like angels colourful and cherubic

Dreams are like witches too, webs and later ebbs


Winged thoughts sometimes fly off bridle less

Exceed all limits and high are its splendours

But at any unpredicted moment have to come down

To feel and face the sour realities in store


Life is like a cup of raw rice to be cooked and served

Boil it in the salty water of sweat and wait with hope

In-between add the spices of dreams and fortune

Garnish it with ambition and present it with prayers


Fate favours you when you are persistent to win

Fate fails you when you are hesitant to resist

Fate hails you when you are valiant to sustain

Fate conquers you when you are impatient to remain


Nature’s law

I saw a garden green and gorgeous

Full of dancing blooms fresh and fragrant

Sat in the midst to flavour the flawless beauty

Induced by the embrace of the scented breeze

A chilly tickle travelled quick from head to toe

I lay on the grassy carpet shadowed by the apple tree


Ears sensed a howling whistle: soon eyes captured a lusty bee

From flower to flower he fluttered to flirt and imbibe

Licked the petals soft and sucked the nectar in greed

Seduced blooms succumbing to his winks and whims

Subject are we all, from insects to human

To the nature’s law, better not breach to be in peace


Heard a kid’s shrieking cry from somewhere near

In no time a woman in panic rushed from nowhere

Cuddled and pampered the kid with her muddy hand

Clasped the babe close to her drooping bosom

Leaning on the tree she closed her eyes in relish

See the nature’s wonder, mum’s blood turned into milk


Something is there beyond our grasp, don’t you agree?

Something is there that binds us together, don’t you feel?

Something is there that always we miss, don’t you hanker?

That something is there within your heart, please look in!!

That something is nothing but Love; please spread out!!

That something is everything in life; please fill it, in and out!!

God’s masterpiece

  God the master creator is matchless in his crafts

The ‘human mind’ being his forever masterpiece

God even cannot foresee its ways so mysterious

Ages gone still remain the most unpredictable


Thousands of battles tirelessly fought and pacified

Thousands of castles fondly built and crushed

Thousands of dreams hopefully dreamt and dead

Thousands of wishes instantly burst and silenced


Desires a lot but derives little, that is its specialty

Stop not shortly but thrives on, that is its capacity

Cares a lot and cherishes too, that is its sensitivity

Bonds it makes and bounds too, that is its vitality


Milton the great blind poet but the most enlightened

Described how it designs and fabricates the earth

Into heaven with its patience and perseverance

Or into hell with its impatience and intolerance


It belongs solely to humankind so itself unique

It remains yet to be defined so itself inexplicable

It puzzles even the rationalist so itself supernatural

It remains a wonder, a riddle unraveled even to God!