Category: Philosophical

7 Jan 2009

Life in capsules

Life is now in capsules, so precise and compact Everything in an array, kept accurate and in tact Days well planned and even seconds counted As nights quite shortened even sleep minimized   Food in readymade packs, swallowed even in roads Tinned milk and juices swift killers of thirst and hunger Ha

7 Jan 2009

What is happiness?

Life is a perpetual pursuit to attain and retain ‘Happiness’ the most blissful mental status, A serene sensation that springs in our soul Blooms our heart and radiates the body.   Happiness is contagious, let it loose to spread out As a smile causes thousand smiles to sprout out. Happiness is m

7 Jan 2009

Life mechanised

Living in an era where Machines replace manpower   Everything electrified Hands just to switch on and off   Here or there; wherever you are Companioned with mobiles   Legs seldom touch the earth As you float in skies or ride in cars   No dragging waits for postman’s bell Email is just instant

7 Jan 2009

Dreams and realities

 In deep depth of our mind Dreams are kept slumbering Some of them find light Many of them die in darkness   Never be ashamed of your dreams; without them Sapless hapless we linger worst than a log lifeless Dreams are like angels colourful and cherubic Dreams are like witches too, webs and later e

7 Jan 2009

Nature’s law

I saw a garden green and gorgeous Full of dancing blooms fresh and fragrant Sat in the midst to flavour the flawless beauty Induced by the embrace of the scented breeze A chilly tickle travelled quick from head to toe I lay on the grassy carpet shadowed by the apple tree   Ears sensed a […]

7 Jan 2009

God’s masterpiece

  God the master creator is matchless in his crafts The ‘human mind’ being his forever masterpiece God even cannot foresee its ways so mysterious Ages gone still remain the most unpredictable   Thousands of battles tirelessly fought and pacified Thousands of castles fondly built and crushed T