Houseless but never Homeless

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I locked the door and the main gate too
Dared not to look back as great turmoil inside
Eyes were blurred and my mind dumped
The Moments I never wish to recapture

Handed over the key to the new owner
Shook hands and wished him the best
Looked not into my brother’s eyes; but
Just leant on his shoulder and wept

We sold our house, the need of the hour
Another sad incident, it is just so simple
After all an abode made of bricks and cement
May be a better one we could dream of

Still it lingers so long; causing some pain
Within those four walls we lived so lively
A lifeless memento of our laughs and cries
Was full of breaths to us as a part of our life

We need a house to live, work and sleep,
But is that all, what our mind aches for?
Houseless I became but never homeless
With so many around me to love and care

That day I found my home grouped in a small car
I opened the door for my home to come out
My parents and siblings in time to cheer and gear
The assured assets I acquired through my birth

Life is sapless but for such moments, relaxed I felt
Lying on my hubby’s lap; now I sighed and smiled
My sons are my future, my treasure and pleasure
Happiest I felt; once again tears blurred my eyes

8 thoughts on “Houseless but never Homeless”

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  2. Santham..when will u get ur deserving applause and recognition..i pray and wish for your rewards for the great feelings so touching and so genuine in your words almost equal to the real sense and the real feel of it..God bless u dear..i too in tears..can t help balan

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