I am born and brought up in a traditional Brahmin family and had spent most of my life in the lap of serene villages in the southern part of India blessed with the blissful ambiance of many divine abodes and Mother Nature. Throughout my life I have benefited from the inspiring kinship of enlightened elders, relatives and friends and also supplemented with the habit of reading everything that flames my soul and brain.  A post graduate degree in English literature and the inborn passion for languages and their  magical exuberance  inherited from my parents helped me to become what I wanted to-A full time creative writer. I am proud to be a part of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of our nation and the relentless zest to learn about its unique intricacies has always been a driving force for me to travel into its deep depths. I have to my credit many poems and articles published in esteemed magazines, web sites and poetic anthologies and two fictions in their formative stage. My writings are the output of the squeezed subtleties of the experiences I have encountered in my daily life.


I am 50 years old, married and blessed with two sons and lives at Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.