The gift of language made the human race distinct among all the creations with the endowments of creativity and communication. While most of us have mastered the diverse languages, a rare few blend them with facts and fancy to weave an amazing world full of variegated semblances, beauty and sublimity.


                         Ms. Santhi Krishnan’s poems literally take us to this amazing world, where you rediscover and experience the charm and comfort of the divine presence of Mother Nature; the frailties and fulfillments of woman hood; the reveries and repining cravings of the human mind. The implied contradictions and intrinsic imagery give the poems a fine touch of bonding and intimacy that all usually savour. Browsing through these verses is certainly a rewarding journey, which mellifluously rewind our programmed minds, unraveling the mundane facts of life through a delectable diction.


                        Born and brought up in a conventional Brahmin background, Ms . Santhi went through a plethora of experiences which she relished in the lap of a serene village through her simple perception , often reflected in her poems. A post graduate degree in English Literature, supplemented with a copious reading habit, opened the windows of the far and wide world to her, gradually moulding the budding poet . Her father’s exuberant word power and mother’s musical mind are fine tuned in all her poetic musings.

She also got to her credit a number of articles published abroad and a novel in its formative stage. A computer geek by nature, she has friends spread all over the web world and probably this strengthened her morale to retain her composure even during the strenuous stretch of adversities. She is not only an ideal wife and a doting mother but also has been a strong pillar of support to everyone in her family. Her very presence makes the get togethers hearty and hilarious with her witty commendations.

                       I wish her everything good on this earth [to borrow her own phrase], and shall eagerly wait for her forth coming writings which will presumably follow the trail of her poetic style, to serve as a source of solace to the weary modern minds.                             



Prof. GeethaGanesh



Dept.of  English ,


Tolani College,





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