22 Nov 2008

A musical spring-M.S

Post by santhi

The sun sublimes his rays and the birds subside
Even the humming wind stops, to echo that voice
It is human yet divine, earthly but immortal
Enters through your ears and touches your soul
Day or night, spring or winter, joy or sorrow
It Seasons you with its sonorous sweetness

Our days are auspicious if dawn with her ‘Suparabatham’
Our worries wiped off by her mellifluous melodies
Our spiritual thirst quelled by her devotional Bajans
Our artistic throb answered by her technical perfection
NO wonder!! She was a goddess incarnate, a singing angel

Her face was gracious like a bloomed lotus
Her voice flowing and flawless like nightingale
Her music a perfect blend of devotion and emotions
Her life a saga of spiritual quest and graceful humility
Her mind an embodiment of divinity and compassion
Blessed are we to have Devi Saraswathi herself with us

She sang from her soul, so now she lives in our souls
When others have fans she has enchanted devotees
It was almost six decades of musical enrichment
Global was her reach and fame, as a fabulous musician
But typical Indian woman in her outfits and outlook
Music was in her blood and breath, the very core of her being

Excellent music rendered from heart that was her class
Enabling even the commons to inhale the nectar of heavenly music
That little Kunjamma lives ever peerless and matchless
“She carries veena in her throat’ so aptly and truly defined
Praises in abundance and honours so many to garland
“Kurai Onrum illai” if we were to have such legends among us

Suswaralakshmi Subbulakshmi,” this humble devotee’s pranam


preetha June 3, 2009 at 6:56 am - Reply

when i read this i felt good .such depth in the words truly brings out the talented singer who lives with us through her songs. this is really great what u have written. i love to read and have written a few. so will u send me more of this in my mail .

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