22 Nov 2008

Go for it

Post by santhi

Life is not always a tale of sobs and sorrows
Many jubilant moments render it glorious
As the twinkling stars illuminate the dark sky
Or the pouring sky sweep away the hellish heat.

When a child screams for the first time
To announce his arrival on this earth
Mother even in acute pain feels elevated
By the most rapturous moments in her life

A father rarely cries as a man he has to hide
But countless times he cries and smiles
Just his kid’s ups and downs enough to kindle
Words not expressive enough to explain his joy

Past mighty be placid and future seems foggy
But it between comes the days to harvest
Sow the seeds with hope as the field is yours
None can snatch your chance to reap the fruits

If sorrow is not there happiness is meek and bleak
If darkness is not there light also is non existent
If tears are not there how smiles become so soothing
When happiness creep in sorrows naturally drain of

Just keep your faces smiling to brighten thousands
Just speak few soft words, to inspire so many
Just keep your friends near to heart to lessen enemies
Just broaden your approach so that the gap is abridged


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