22 Nov 2008

Woman is a Boon

Post by santhi

Heated discussions and debates still held relentless
The battle between the sexes ever fresh and endless
She is Easwar’s one half and made of Man’s back bone
Still she fights for equality, though she knows she is unique

She is like a flower, emitting the hues of love and care
Nothing is as enticing as her beauty, so sensuous and soft
Her heart is a honeyed nest of varied intense emotions
But many withers in waste as not well nurtured and nourished

She is like a lamp, brightens your life if let to shine and glow
She is multi-powered, even flames as sun tireless if required
Like a candle melts and merges, if enshrined in your hearts
But never cage her in a pot to flicker, it wipes off her vitality

So similar to mother earth in patience and forbearance
Like a river impeding sorrows and imparting happiness
Serene as breeze, fierce as storm and whirly as wind
Her mind deeper than oceans and vaster than the sky

She cooks for you and hooks you with her passion
She confuses you but induces you with her thoughts
She falls in love and hails you as her prince charming
She mothers you and cheers you by her pampering

Men and Women, better not to think of them apart
If she is a poem he is the lyrics, just need to be tuned
If she is the music he is the maestro playing her well
If she is life he is her breath, together they exist
She is your ‘Sakthi’, be pious she keeps you poised
Beware she is ‘Kaali’ too; the strings are in your hands only!!!


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