‘A cup of Coffee’

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A full cup of bubbling hot coffee

Seasoned with sugar and thick milk

 To transform  a damp dawn into a ‘Splash’

A quick trigger to start with a bang!


A soothing drink with strong impact

Kicking and kindling all through the day

An addiction too alluring to quit

 An instant freshener if raw and black!


Sniffing the aroma while sipping slowly

 The fabulous feel cannot furnish in words

The steamy beverage with no compromise

Fitting companion for cool winter days


A global drink easy to make nor costly to buy

Favourite of all, from princes to beggars

Favoured and frowned but never banished

A flavoured charmer who won’t cherish?


A cup of coffee is an index to our days

A cup of coffee is a start to many bonds

A cup of coffee is the nectar for we mortals

A cup of coffee is an aromatic pleasure for us!

8 thoughts on “‘A cup of Coffee’”

  1. Sk is one writer who can write on any subject.She has got a charismatic writing which edifices in the last stanza and the line
    favoured and frowned but never banished as coffee is a must for all south indians especially filter coffee. i am only reminded of the olden days when coffee will be filtered in flannel cloth which i have heard but never seen.

    Down to earth writing please keep it up and write many more

  2. I am really astonished at such a beautiful poem on so small routine item like coffee. I am a great lover of Coffee but I will start cheirshing it much more after reading this poem.

  3. It has been a privilege to know Santhi who has been blessed by God to produce such lovely poems even on a tiny thing as “coffee”. Certainly I will remember Santhi as I sip my coffee whenever. May God bless her.

  4. Another amazing creation, Santhi. I have been trying to get rid of my coffee fancy and the line in your poem,’an addiction too alluring to quit’ explains my inability to quit. The imagery of cofee as ‘ an index of a day’ impressed me much and as always,kudos for the apt diction.
    keep up the spirit dear.

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