10 Jan 2009

A drop of tear

Post by santhi

Cornered in a crowded city bus,

With face so charming yet worried,

Her dark eyes placid and painful,

She sat there like a frozen statue.


Seven years before on a Valentine’s Day,

She met a man with sharp brown eyes,

Eyes locked and mind intertwined,

Days went by, not even a word shared.


On a fine morning he sat beside her,

In that corner seat, with smile so bewitching;

Not hesitated when he initiated for a talk,

Sat in silence, though in haste to pour out.


It was love at first sight, an instant sprout,

Two hearts tuned into oneness;

Sitting together there in that garden bench,

They knitted lots of knots of love.


Months went by, secretly signed the bond,

As man and wife they started a new life.

The day came when he left for the war,

With tears of sorrow she bade him bye.


Mails were frequent and calls always plenty,

Till on a dark winter day everything stood still.

Years went by and he never showed up,

She waited with love’s own spark of hope.


Today again Valentine’s Day, she rushed to the park,

Heart warm with her lover’s thoughts;

Sun was almost set and darkness deepening,

She too drowning in the pool of despair.


Couples scattered everywhere in jolly mood,

While she felt alone with tears restrained;

With her face buried in her cuddled palms

Refraining herself from the day’s hubbub.


Someone shook her up, her eyes blurred,

Was she dreaming? She pinched to confirm,

There stood her man with wide spread arms,

Miracles do happen with love’s magic charm.


Eyes widened and heart wondering,

She stood for a while, in sweet amazement;

No questions asked she hugged him tight,

A drop of tear dribbled down her cheek.


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