1 Jul 2010

A Day Dream

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/village.jpg” alt=”village” /]
A vision I had, vivacious and vibrant
So vital I vow, pray it never vanishes.

Rivers not drained nor the fields dry
Array of trees on green grassy carpet.

The humming birds hustling and bustling
Whistled my mind wooed by the mild wind.

Watch the lusty butterfly, jealous I feel
From flower to flower hopping and sucking.

A bunch of kids rollicking in sheer mirth
Surprise! parents patient enough to watch.

Crackers I heard and the trumpet too
Jubilant crowd celebrating their deity’s day.

A fisherman humming his way back to home
As if sorrows never peeped into his realm.

I walked off into nature’s green garden
With a vision so lively, bewildered am I.

Took off my shoes, wow! Earth so chilly
Loosened my tie and relaxed in posture

Alas, my screaming boss tossed me off
“Sleep not in office, it is duty time”.

Breach of codes sometimes beget benefits
Befitting a vision I had, portraying my whims.

Neither perfect nor permanent
Yet the world is indeed paramount.

Either you or I shun not its pleasures
Though in vain we wish it is perennial

World is still lively, but why we remain lethargic?
World is still vibrant, but why we grow stoics?


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