9 Aug 2013

‘Adieu’ ‘ Sensational Messenger’

Post by santhi

Elimination and elevation both are frequent occurrences

 In the natural process of replacement and rejuvenation

 Now You too a part of history being abandoned forever

 Adieu, Ho! The most sensational and stunning messenger.


None can deny the instant surprises and shocks you caused

None can deny the gallant smiles and tears you triggered

None can forget the intense sweat and fret you rendered

None can forget the immense tickles and strokes you aroused


Once hailed as the quickest transmitter is now called a burden

Once loved as a champion conveyer now labeled as obsolete

So far you survived with your vast and vibrant network

Sustaining your might amidst this digitally powered world.


For sixteen decades an assured source of anticipation and fear

Master connector of the whole nation from metros to villages

Emerged the smart phones, broadband and their out springs

But how far they will reach the rural and native nooks?


We will miss your punch and the way you excited our pulse

 We will miss your pinch and the way you exerted us to hush

 Outshined you are as outdated, unreliable and unprofitable

 But wish to get back Ho! You the most effective and efficient messenger!



L.Ramani August 11, 2013 at 5:39 am - Reply

A fantastic farewell address to an age old telegraphy.There are still bards like Sk to praise Samuel Morse in the proper perspective as it was the only source which can transmit messages quickly long before.Old is gold.

News can be different and the portrayal of its contrary nature is the cornerstone of this poem.Nice one.

mopasang valath August 12, 2013 at 9:09 pm - Reply

Not many modernists are lyrical, and the old school is trapped in romanticism. I feel you are able to create that subtle shift from romantic to lyrical with a modernist core. Keep going. Congrats…

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