7 Jan 2009

Aged but young

Post by santhi

 In no time she coloured her hair

With no grey hair left to show up


Few minutes in beauty parlour

Face glared with no wrinkles


Attired in a most modern dress

Her each move so enticing


She floated through the street

Brisk and beaming like a damsel


Tickles travelled through her body

When amazed eyes stick on her


Nothing reminded her of the age

Still feeling so young and lively


Entered her office even prior to time

But stunned by the impending sour news


Tears rushed, but hushed with strain

One more month to go for her retirement


The day dragged on she totally drooped

Drained of life she returned home


Her hubby at gate with a blooming face

Courted her to home, so unusual


Blinking tears with a blank mind

Never had she felt so weak all through


The door opened with a Bang! With

Some soft music so mellowing


Her hubby said aloud “It is our first wedding day”,

“But after the thirty fifth” he whispered


Now standing beside him in her wedding dress

She was beaming with glowing youth


Just hand in hand they walked out

To celebrate the day’s mirth


Behind every aged BUT young woman

There stands a man always loving and caring



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