9 Aug 2013

Any author’s dream and pride

Post by santhi

Printed pages of a writer’s fond recollections

The woven garlands of chosen diction and notions

The wowing mirrors of humans’ hidden emotions

The pure works of art exalted by readers’ nods

They are the most precious and perpetual treasures

Still glowing high amidst the glamour of E-stuffs!


Concise compositions of collected moments

Conceived gradually in the womb of authors’ mind

Delivered in due course with utmost artistry

As wonderful as a new born fresh and fabulous

A living memento of writers’ years of dedication

Forming Libraries and embellishing study-shelves


Nothing is as vibrant as the colourful world of books

Millions of them variant in themes and trends

Each page well packed with thoughts new and novel

Wholesome feast for heart and taunting tonic for brain

Probers of discussions and never ending debates

Enhanced by reviews and popularized by praises


A cherished distant dream of any budding writer

With creative instinct and accumulated word power

Millions of manuscripts still kept as bundled folds

Waiting for the magic touch of publication

Some flourish high with acclaimed popularity, but

Some get buried unknown in dusted book shelves


From the age old stone carvings to today’s E-books

They are the sensational carriers of chosen pathos

Reminders of the past and defenders of the present

Propellers probing us to get fastened for the future

They make us laugh, cry, think and often to take off

To mysterious dream lands in the wings of imagination!



L.Ramani August 11, 2013 at 5:56 am - Reply

An Author treads on past present and future that is why he creates.
The pride of an author is satiated by praise and encomiums which propels them to write further.This author is perfectly endowed with the skill of blending matter and metre which is the quintessence of writing poetry.It also clearly exemplifies her dexterity in literature.

mopasang valath August 11, 2013 at 3:38 pm - Reply

I have just spent a very pleasant 10 minutes admiring your poems.
You are a very, very talented and I thank you for sharing your work.

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