17 Nov 2011

Between Birth and Death

Post by santhi

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When the Breath ends the Death occurs
Between the first breath and the last breath
We get a span of time to exist in this earth
The precious time fondly called ’Life’.

Its starts with wholehearted celebrations
Sustained with sensations all through
Its is a mysterious myth, but with an end
Retained in memories, once death overcomes.

Beyond definition, still the study continues
God’s graceful gift, claim religions profusely
A prelude to our heavenly life after death
A qualifying test to separate good and evil.

Life and death a natural process, says Holy Geetha
Souls shedding off their bodies to enter another
Attachments and detachments just skin deep
No one brings or takes anything, just a passer by.

The skeptical scientists still brooding on
In search of a clear cut crisp definition
Theories so many revived and refined
It will go on, till there is life on earth.

Complexities always hatch controversies
Controversies always invite compromises
Compromises always beget concordance
Concordance always remains the axis of life.

When we taste a fruit, we think of the tree
When we sing a song, we think of the musician
When we enjoy a party, we think of the organizer
When we live our life, why not think of the Creator?

Life is beautiful, you have to be the moulder
Life is fruitful, you have to be the harvester
Life is painful; you have to be an endurer
Life is stressful; you have to be a survivor.


L.Ramani November 25, 2011 at 11:25 am - Reply

The poet in her own inimitable style has explained the phenomenon of life and death with physical and metaphysical dimensions.She has touched upon all the decks connected with it.As usual she has stamped her message in the last stanza which strikes the mind.well done

Mitesh Lashkari December 19, 2011 at 12:59 pm - Reply
Santhi Krishnan December 19, 2011 at 5:13 pm - Reply

It is my belief that , there is an indefinable power behind every activity and object in this universe, I being a person who believe in the concept of the presence of God feel like naming this power as God ..or creator. To agree with that or not is up to each individual’s belief.

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