22 Mar 2010

Days are too short

Post by santhi

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Still the days are of twenty four hours as ever

Stilled is my mind, startled by the scarcity of time

It is spread globally as menacing as an epidemic

Excepting no one, not even a five year old child


Loaded with tons of books safely belted to shoulders

Even before it is fully dawn, the kids rushing to schools

Stuffed in autos or hanging in crowded buses

A tiresome routine to amass the wealth of knowledge


No time to watch around to feel the surrounding life

Reading while moving, an answer learnt is a mark earned

Present lost in studying the past and processing the future

Just a bloom, but they too complaint ‘Days are too short’


Days dash off and they step into the world as blazing youths

Professionally equipped, prepared to set goals and attain

Soaring salaries, a boon to coax and extract endless work

Alas! Wallets emptied with mounting rates and expenditures.


Breed a nuclear family, sometimes accommodate parents too

None ‘live’ together but just ‘stay’, not even glances shared

Each on their on paths, no time to tackle the paucity of time

Even in their spring, they frown and fret “Days are too short”.


But time never stops; it withers and weakens you in due course

With wrinkled physic and wailing soul you awaits for your exit

Kith and kin march off in haste, branding you as a heap of flesh

Silently you wait for a soothing touch or a sensuous word


Days become dreary, hours of imposed solitude prickly and painful

A ray of solace if your life mate is still alive: nagging and kicking

Medicines become your food; the best way to get life prolonged

It is winter time; no wonder you mourn “Days are too long”.


After all what is life? Is it for just staying and struggling alone?

Where are those fluttering kids? Tasked too much even to smile?

Youth drained of splendour? Is it not Spring without flavorous flowers?

Oldies are to be dissed? Why not stretch your day a little for them?


Postman leaves to home early with only few letters to deliver

Who in this hubbub have time to send a piece of their heart?

Kids one or two, but sacked and caged in some boarding school

Big village houses are empty as old age homes are over crowded.


Time we lack; but compensate it with LOVE, the timeless feeling

Times may not occur in lakhs, just open up to say and show your love

Time is not the culprit, when you are too stingy to bestow your love

Time is always timeless, but be in time to beat this timeless time


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