7 Jan 2009

Dreams and realities

Post by santhi

 In deep depth of our mind

Dreams are kept slumbering

Some of them find light

Many of them die in darkness


Never be ashamed of your dreams; without them

Sapless hapless we linger worst than a log lifeless

Dreams are like angels colourful and cherubic

Dreams are like witches too, webs and later ebbs


Winged thoughts sometimes fly off bridle less

Exceed all limits and high are its splendours

But at any unpredicted moment have to come down

To feel and face the sour realities in store


Life is like a cup of raw rice to be cooked and served

Boil it in the salty water of sweat and wait with hope

In-between add the spices of dreams and fortune

Garnish it with ambition and present it with prayers


Fate favours you when you are persistent to win

Fate fails you when you are hesitant to resist

Fate hails you when you are valiant to sustain

Fate conquers you when you are impatient to remain



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