25 Jan 2012


Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/facebook.jpg”  alt=”facebook” /]
A place where millions of persons meet
With an urge to know and communicate
Faces displayed and thoughts discussed
Facts exposed to friends turned intimate
Risky indeed as masked frauds unidentified
More like gambling, seductive and addictive.

Mind is like a galloping horse unbridled
Never hushes but rushes to pastures new
Web is always a web for weakened minds
Alluring indeed with its fanciful realms
Amazing it remains with its global impact.
Alarming sometimes with its hidden ditches

Face book, a fulltime fancy for teenagers,
Instant links being kept in constant touch.
Funny videos and facts posted and shared,
Faster than fastness, it fascinates everyone.
Elders warn, but they too sign in to warm up,
Refreshing old links and finding new ones.

A friendly social media quite fastening
An earthly heaven for quiet entertainment
Millions sit obsessed with its magic treat
Doctors call it ‘Facebook addiction disorder’
Disorder or not but need to be ordered
Not a sudden sweep but a gradual retreat.

Everything is safe until limits exceeded
Everything is sweet until it is over gulped
Everything is sour when the truth exposed
Everything is secured if we are equipped
Everything is social but not our privacy
Everything else is secondary, claims Face book manias!!


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