7 Jan 2009

God’s masterpiece

Post by santhi

  God the master creator is matchless in his crafts

The ‘human mind’ being his forever masterpiece

God even cannot foresee its ways so mysterious

Ages gone still remain the most unpredictable


Thousands of battles tirelessly fought and pacified

Thousands of castles fondly built and crushed

Thousands of dreams hopefully dreamt and dead

Thousands of wishes instantly burst and silenced


Desires a lot but derives little, that is its specialty

Stop not shortly but thrives on, that is its capacity

Cares a lot and cherishes too, that is its sensitivity

Bonds it makes and bounds too, that is its vitality


Milton the great blind poet but the most enlightened

Described how it designs and fabricates the earth

Into heaven with its patience and perseverance

Or into hell with its impatience and intolerance


It belongs solely to humankind so itself unique

It remains yet to be defined so itself inexplicable

It puzzles even the rationalist so itself supernatural

It remains a wonder, a riddle unraveled even to God!


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