22 Jul 2010

Growing Old

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/old.jpg”  alt=”growing old” /]
A natural  physical deterioration
Yet causing dampening numbness
Mind gallops to gain more and more
But physic reluctant and refuses to glide

Hairs falling off and gray peeping in
Failing eye sight and fading memory
Deafening ears and aching limps
Dreary they feel as if totally doomed.

Still they linger though languished
Darting mind and drooping body in clash
Desires endless and thoughts relentless
Death a full stop but no one cherishes.

Kids grown up and duties lessened
Feel relaxed yet rejected too
Care they need and caressing too
Long for love as loneliness creeps in.

In the splendour of youth we ponder not
The glory and glee too tender to last
Amidst the grandeur fonder who remains?
Once blasé we feel, we too nearer to old age.

From womb to tomb, life is a thrilling journey
Moments of smiles and sobs, life is a stunning drama
An array of wins and falls, life is a gambling game
From childhood to old age, life is a recurring story.
They need hands to hold, stretch yours for them
They need shoulders to lean, spare yours for them
They need you to hang on, stay awhile for them
They need love to live on, open your heart for them.


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