Heart Bleeds

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The country sandwiched and strangled by
The internal brutality and external terrorism

Soldiers so many shot dead as flimsy birds
In a wink they lay lifeless, their body chopped.

The shocked government once again baffles
With a casual promise “we will contain the rivals”.

Assures to retaliate with a firm and fitting reply
But how to relive the youth wasted unshielded?

It is a domestic war, fuming and firing intermittently
Callous and cold blooded, waged against own people

How to knell it for ever? Blinks the blank government
Deep rooted with years of nourishment, how to uproot?

Celebrities’ duets and duels draw undue attention
Let them deal it, better not mar the nation’s morale.

Cannot you hear the mothers’ mourns and wives’ wails?
The total nation sobs and suffers, soliciting solutions.

Lessons are to be learnt, lethargic we cannot remain
Label not as fate when fatigued by repeated faults

Stop erection of statues and corruptions so contagious
Uplift the stature of security, to avoid eruptions even worst

India is my country; mean it and try to mend while pledging
With peace exhausted prosperity is a distant mirage

When the heart  bleeds, how the brain can brave and beckon?
“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”

One thought on “Heart Bleeds”

  1. Salute you Shanthi for heart touching poem. This should be given an award by the MHA. My hearty congrats and expecting more from your heart and pen.

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