10 Jan 2009

I have seen God!

Post by santhi

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 I have seen God many times in many persons

As God is not only in temples or in mountain peers

But just here and there wherever I turn

In varied forms and terms, even in gestures


In the innocent tickling smile of my child

In the calm ensuring hugs of my mother

In the warm assuring pats of my father

In the candid caressing love of my husband


In the solid support rendered by my siblings

In the ever loving hearts of my grandparents

In the enthusing words and wishes of my friends

In the courage and sacrifice of our brave soldiers


In the inspiring life and words of Swami Vivekananda

In the progressive preaching of Adi Sankara

In the mesmerising mellowing voice of MS and Das

In the devotion and dedication of Poet Poondhanam


In the experiences of Mahatma Gandhi with truth

In the fiery winged words and dreams of Abdul Kalam

In the infinite love of Mother Teresa to the needy

In the magic made by the pen of great writers,


I need many more births to feel the real bliss

To outpour the pride and privilege I feel

To be born and knowing all these noble seers

Me too feel great for writing about these God’s own people!!


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