10 Jan 2009

India of my dreams

Post by santhi

India where secularity yields no commotions

India where solidarity bridles our emotions

India where integrity intensify our passion

India where humanity persists as our notion


India where youth strive but not strike

India where revolutions revive but not rebuke

India where kids are in schools but not in streets

India where religion teaches but not tortures


India where rivers are shared but not soiled

India where bridges are renewed but not ruined

India where mountains protect but not divide

India where roads are broadened but not pumped


India where economy is improved and empowered

India where education is available and affordable

India where men and women are in equal status

India where we are aware of our rights and duties


‘Unity in Diversity’ is India’s specialty; its axis

But now a curse, a hurdle in our path of progress

Beware of politicians, jokers who juggle to exploit

Let us explode and expedite a timely arousal!

To mould that heavenly India of our dreams


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