7 Jan 2009

Life in capsules

Post by santhi

Life is now in capsules, so precise and compact

Everything in an array, kept accurate and in tact

Days well planned and even seconds counted

As nights quite shortened even sleep minimized


Food in readymade packs, swallowed even in roads

Tinned milk and juices swift killers of thirst and hunger

Hanging in crowded buses or flying in two-wheelers

Plunging into moving trains, to be punctual in office


Kids burdened with heavy bags and tough lessons

Early to school and back home late, play time is nil

Some stuffed in hostels sweating with dreams of home

Lacks in nothing but something is missing, indefinable


Some live in far-off lands earning to boost their wallet

In touch with dear ones but still mind tastes numbness

Indeed inventions made this world so small and concise

But hearts’ needs cannot be curtailed or compensated


Mother’s lap or father’s hug, spouse’s warmth or kids’ kisses

Too precious to part with, too sweet to scorn as silly

Only when we lose we feel the worth of what we had

Only when we gain we feel the worth of what we are


Life is just a game, gallop but not grumble when u fail

Life is just a battle, brave it but not baffle when u face

Life is just a dream, live it but not regret when u realise

Life is but a unique gift, careful not to gamble or jumble


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