10 Jan 2009

Between two oceans

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img=”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/beach.jpg” alt=”beach” /]
Another evening in a crowded seashore

My eyes hooked by the dooming Sun

Silent I sat there with thoughts locked

Feeling lonely even between two oceans


Nothing is as deep as the ocean

Well compared with the human mind

Varied and vast are the lives inside

Full of treasures yet to be found


Then I turned to watch the human ocean

Grouped and scattered on the beach

Some enjoying and others enduring

The hours they have at their disposal


Saw an old man pulled in a wheelchair

With men around to serve him at call

Another old man crawling in half legs

Hopefully stretching his hands for a penny


Could hear a girl crying and screaming

Even striking her mother for not buying a toy

The boy, the toy-seller, pleading the lady to buy

So that he can earn a little at least to buy some snacks


Some drunkards with stomach full and brain dumped

Teased and tortured every human that passed by, but

Even a bottle of water was unattainable for a man

Sitting there with an empty purse and a hollow stomach


Attired in minimum cloths appeared some young girls

Attained attention from some crackling youngsters

A frail woman with a basket of flowers, still lingers

Hoping; some women with long hair may appear


All are humans: but why while some soar and others sag?

Beach is a meeting place mirroring the real life

Haves or haves not; but all have a life to live

Life is like that, have to wait for our time and turn



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