10 Jan 2009

Life is so simple

Post by santhi


 Birth makes us jubilant, we celebrate

Growth gives us hope, we accelerate

Death generates pain, we turn desperate

It is so simple, why we exaggerate?


One day sun may split into pieces

Stars won’t twinkle or moon appear

Lands vanish, gulped by oceans

The universe swallowed as predicted


Let the earth exist or extinct

Yet we humans strive and thrive

That is the spirit, the driving force

As Life is too precious to waste


Every child is a parents’ hope

Every day is an added bonus

Every need is a lead to deeds

Every dream is a seed to sprout


From the genes we inherit our nature

From the world we learn to be mature

Till the end we need a heart to nurture

A heart that holds love as its gesture


Rajesh Santhanam December 21, 2012 at 12:33 am - Reply

Loved this poem Mrs. Krishnan

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