7 Jan 2009

Life mechanised

Post by santhi

Living in an era where

Machines replace manpower


Everything electrified

Hands just to switch on and off


Here or there; wherever you are

Companioned with mobiles


Legs seldom touch the earth

As you float in skies or ride in cars


No dragging waits for postman’s bell

Email is just instant and immediate


Friendships made so easy and quick

Just a click, you in the midst of options many


Less time in kitchen or with sewing machines

Housewives enthralled by the magic box


No time or patience for finger calculations

Kids so familiar with calculators


Books so heavy and elaborate to peep in

Popped search engines, offers in precise


Dusted accounts book are given rest

As spread sheets excel brain’s speed


Not only in touch but also in sight

See while you chat with your near ones


Inventions are indeed innovative

Lessen the strain though stress still sticks


World so small and our vistas so vast

Still our heart aches when it lacks


The tender touch of pure love and care

As the world is too busy to hear and heed


Still our hearts demand and deplore

Is this only that we really want?



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