4 Oct 2011


Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img=”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/loneliness1-small.jpg”  alt=”Loneliness” /]
Being alone is not always loneliness
Even in a crowd you can be isolated
It is purely of mind, an intense feeling
In-depth is its impact, irking to the core

Solitude is bliss for soul searchers
Seasoned with silence and serenity
Secluded are they,with immured senses
Saints are they, with immune souls

Being a social one, seekers we are
While a stoic too, hardened we are
Beyond all these, heartened we are
Belong to someone, hankerers we are

To be in love, the most blissful stage
A tonic for all in the mirthful teenage
Together you live in youthful bondage
No panic if united through the voyage.

Plans we make reaching even the planets
But the strings always in remote hands
Suddenly we turn all alone in pains
Sadly gulfed in the gloomy loneliness

Physically crippled we are at old age
Wish for hands and hearts to hold and heal
Mentally fit with someone there to lean on
Totally doomed if left alone to fight.

Someone’s presence makes your life a gift
Someone’s silence sometimes causes a rift
Someone’s absence drains off your zest
Someone‘s hands to caress till you rest.

Bonds when turned bondage, tied we feel
Hearts when kept masked, betrayed we feel
World when fully hollowed, horrid we feel
Life when fully shallowed, isolated we feel.

Loneliness is a desperate state of mind
If it is imposed on you mercilessly
Loneliness is a blessed state of mind
If it can compose your thoughts creatively
Duality you have Ho Loneliness!
You are a nurturer as well as a depressor.


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