29 Aug 2009


Post by santhi

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Twenty five years of life together

As man and wife, a memorable milestone

It was on a fine auspicious day

My parents offered me to him as his spouse

A bond made with immense hope


A gorgeous Indian marriage

With all its pomp and posh

Elders to bless and near ones to wish

The moments ever green in memory

A day marked in golden words


Left my home with tears of mental tussle

But dreams were dazzling to stand in stead

Not an extract from known kit and kin

But adding of new realms and relations

Replanting myself in an adopted home


To be wedded to a man and to his whims

To play multifaceted roles at times

To serve and satisfy as a new comer

To be adept in adapting and adjusting

Not that simple but did with grace


Begot two sons, happy as a proud mother

Braved many odds, withdrew never so far

Being with him, nothing is beyond that

Believe in him and the love that binds us

Benevolent I remain, when belittled often


Cannot explain it all in one word or nod

A knot of hearts and a bond of bodies

A feel so fabulous, frantic in extremes

A stream if sustained, a storm if strangled

Cannot fathom the heart and its ways often


Days danced away so fast in flashing pace

Days and nights together we lived in peace

Days also were there when we sullied in haze

Days yet to come; fastened are we to face

Dazed at the thought of another twenty five!


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