15 Feb 2010

Mirror –A reflector

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/mirrior.jpg”  alt=”mirror” /]
‘Mirror’ a true reflector and a magnifier too

Like a magnet captures every passer by

Old or young, pretty or ugly, busy or lazy

Just pauses and poses to have a glance


The object that enables you to see yourself

Others may decoratively describe you in words

Or portrait you with princely grandeur

But for authentic accuracy nothing equals a mirror


A multi – techno car needs mirrors for side watch

A luxury room hallowed without a king size mirror

A never parting companion for any world beauty

A day without mirror can anyone now imagine?


Face mirrors one’s mind, thus goes the proverb

But how many of us have an unmasked face?

Even the creator sits amazed at human minds

Where to go for a mind manifesting mirror?


Human minds womb Millions of emotions

Most of them to be doomed then and there

Face mirrors the filtered whims that mind allows

But eyes betrays to reflect when love is in reign


Shall we be like a mirror by being truly explicit?

Shunning away the self imposed concealments

Letting our mind to expose with nothing to impose

Alas! A mind stripped of mystery, who wants that?


Someone who says what he feels, is like a mirror

Someone who fights in silence, is like a warrior

Someone who cares and dares is none but a lover

Someone who smiles and stabs from back is a traitor


Our life will be a reflection of our words and deeds

A mirror like manifestation of our actual worth

Wish! A mirror could project the future in advance

At least we could keep our mind and body armoured.


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